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Average age of first-time buyers reaches 52

The average age of a first time buyer in London is 52, according to new research.

average ages

The findings caused an outrage on Twitter.

The research by Nutmeg also suggested the average age of a first time buyer in the south east is 48 and 45 in the south west. It is 35 in both the north east and north west.

The figures include those returning to the market alone, having previously held joint ownership of a property – such as divorcees.

It follows the launch of the Government’s Help to Buy initiatives to assist first time buyers – and those moving home – with small deposits of as little as 5 per cent of the value of a property.

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Britain gives ‘thumbs up’ to Help to Buy on Twitter

Britain’s emotive response to the phrase ‘Help to Buy’ has been calculated and captured in a graphic – and it is overwhelmingly positive.

A tool tracking emotional reactions on Twitter shows users are more ‘excited’ and ‘elated’ than ‘stressed’ and ‘nervous’ about the scheme.

Reactions to Help to Buy on Twitter via

Three of the most negative tweets include:

Three of the most positive tweets include:

And one that made us chuckle:

It follows the Government’s announcement to bring forward part of the scheme known as the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee. Borrowers with small deposits of just 5 per cent will be able to apply for a mortgage under the scheme, from October 7 – three months earlier than planned.

To use Tweet Sentiment Visualization, visit and type “Help to Buy” into the keywords box, (using quotation marks to get an exact phrase match).

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Sell your home with social media: how one couple are showing us how it’s done

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

Watch out Kirstie and Phil. Martin and Mary Wells from Doulting, Somerset could well give Britain’s favourite TV property couple a run for their money after coming up with an entertaining and unique way to sell their family home.

Meet Martin and Mary Wells, Somerset’s answer to Kirstie and Phil (scroll down to watch the video)

Martin, a consultant media lecturer and Mary, an art technician at a local school, put their home on the market 14 weeks ago through estate agent Charles Barnard. Frustrated with the lack of solid interest in their five bedroom home, the couple – who have two teenage children –  slashed its price from £295,000 to £289,950.

But they didn’t stop there. The couple sat down and brainstormed for creative ways to promote the home to a wider audience and the result is a full campaign that includes social media in the form of YouTube, facebook and twitter, as well as a massive 2ft by 8ft For Sale banner on the side of their home.

The videos are great fun. In the first one Martin and Mary imitate Kirstie and Phil while giving a tour of their local village. In the other two videos you get more Martin and Mary being themselves and having a great old time showing us why they love their family home – bloopers and all.

“We didn’t want to be staid and boring we wanted to have some fun in it,” Martin, who has a background in film editing, explained. “We just thought we could say it differently, we could say it with video, we could use the web to our advantage and create something that is completely different.”

“Stop it with the dog, we’re not selling the dog”

And they have. While YouTube is cluttered with boring video tours of properties, the Wells’ efforts – all shot on an iPhone camera – stand alone as authentic, a bit rough around the edges, but also really very funny at times. They have other videos planned too, including a QVC shopping channel-inspired film, one based on a dog cam (the dog is featured in the film titled Annexe) and a double-glazing-style ‘buy the house and get a car thrown in’ video.

But what does their estate agent think of all this extra marketing? “Steve, our estate agent is right behind us,” Martin says. “He’s doing what he can, they have the brochures we’ve produced in their office, but he obviously has limitations about what they can do from a legal perspective.”

In the meantime, the Wells – who plan to downsize, but stay local once they’ve sold – seem to have inadvertently taught us all a lesson about selling a home in a challenging property market. You can see the property on facebook, interact with Martin via twitter (@houseforsale55) or watch the YouTube films to get a feel for the home’s family credentials. There’s a definite viral element to the films too, which encourages sharing.

“As you can tell, we both get really excited about these things,” says Martin. “We’re both really creative and we just want to do it differently.”

And they’ve certainly done that.

“We both like having fun we enjoy ourselves and we approached our estate agent with this and said: look we know you’ve tried the normal way of selling and while we’ve had loads of people through the door it’s not happened so what’s up.”

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First-time buyer blog: What you need to know about getting on the ladder

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

In my last blog I wrote about the art of negotiation (or rather the lack of it). We didn’t end up getting the property we liked for the value we felt reflected the condition. Eight weeks from going on the market, it is still there, but we’ve  moved on, as you often need to do in this game.

During the past few months house hunting (yes, we are beginning to wonder whether it really should take this long), it has been a huge learning curve. I’ve  never read so many books, blogs, articles; watched so many programmes; or responded to as many tweets relating to property before in my life.  It’s sucked me in. I’m constantly trying to find out as much information, advice and top-tips.

To make it a little easier for other first-time buyers who’ve just begun their house search, these are a few of my favourite reference points:

1. How to Buy Your First Home by Phil Spencer This has been a little gem. Brilliantly laid out, easy to understand, up to date and rammed full of top tips. Every now and then it’s great to refer back to refresh my memory.

2. Newspaper property sections One I always go back to is the Guardian, today the top story is “Mortgage rates hit record lows, but first time buyers remain squeezed”. It may not be the most uplifting article, but it does give you some indication of the current market.

3. Mortgage comparison websites You may already have your agreement in principle from one lender, but always worth keeping an eye on other options as you are continuing your search. Some lenders have come up with more attractive offers since we have been looking.

4. TV programmes I had watched quite a few Location, Location, Location episodes before we started our house search as I’m quite a fan. It’s entertaining, and sometimes I do wish I had Kirstie and Phil to call the agent with a bunch of cameras pointing at the phone to give added pressure. I got through a few episodes of Help! My House Is Falling Down before it scared me senseless, but it did hammer home the need to check drains and to pay good attention to your survey.

5. Twitter  This adds the humour into the proceedings with estate agents, buying agents, sellers and buyers all giving their perspective on the property market. It’s pointed me in the direction of some great blogs, and it’s incredibly interesting to read things from a seller’s and agent’s point of view.

Probably the most information and advice we get is from work colleagues, friends and family who’ve  been through the process before. Everyone has a different story to tell. It’s rather exhausting knowing that we’re at the beginning, with a long way to go….

Follow Emma on twitter @polkadotcherry.

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Ashton Kutcher puts LA “bach” pad on the market … for a good cause

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

Nice guy Hollywood toyboy Aston Kutcher has put his LA bachelor pad on the market. The actor and producer, who married Demi Moore in 2005, purchased the property in 2004 for $US1 million.

Now, the 33-year-old, who’s as famous for his twitter persona @aplusk as his starring roles on screen, is selling the home, with a cut of the proceeds to benefit the Demi and Ashton Foundation (DNA), which raises awareness about child sex slavery and helps in the rehabilitation of the victims. Kutcher has also offered tours of the home and is selling off some of the furniture he’s used for staging events there – all in aid of DNA.

The four bedroom two-storey home in Los Angeles is thought to be very close to Kutcher’s heart, with reporting that he and his dad Larry rebuilt the house as a father-son project. The actor never moved into the property, instead marrying Moore.

“This house is close to my heart, since my dad and I spent a lot of time planning, visualizing and renovating the entire property,” Kutcher says.

At 3,235 square foot, the home is modest by celebrity standards. Although FindaProperty is pleased to see there’s still more than a touch of celebrity star dust sprinkled about – an infinity-edge spa  spills into an infinity-edged pool which spills into an infinity-edged waterfall. There’s also a wine “tower” room and a professional home theatre.

The property is for sale through Gary Gold of Hilton and Hyland for $US2.6 million.

February 17, 2011 at 1:21 PM 2 comments

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