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Online Property Auctions: Reasons for successful growth

We were recently asked by property magazine Property Week to respond to:

Why property auctions are shifting online and away from the ballroom model

This is what we said:

Our recent launch of weekly online property auctions is, we think, one of the most exciting developments in the UK property investment market for years. And following the success of our first two events in February, we very much see live online bidding as the future of property auctions in the UK.

With over 150,000 visitors to our auction site in February, it would appear that the UK is set to follow the trend in the US, where our partner REDC, the world’s largest property auctioneer, has rapidly transitioned over half their sales online over the past two years with their online auction events now accounting for sales of over £50 million monthly.

Online auctions offer a number of benefits over the traditional ballroom model for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, it offers the ease and convenience of viewing properties online up to 30 days prior to the start of an event and bidding from one’s own home or office over a 4-day period. For sellers, the online model provides significantly greater and faster exposure for their properties and opens up the process to a new and growing audience not constrained by space, geography, availability and who typically might not attend physical auctions.

Property is somewhat different to other asset auctions where physical attendance often involves inspecting the asset on the day. With the ability to generate exposure online the same day as opposed to producing and distributing a catalogue and being able to hold weekly events without limitation versus the typical model of quarterly events, it appears to call into question the physical ballroom auction model other than for the ‘theatrical’ value. online auction events are held weekly with bidding starting Thursdays at noon and closing on Sundays at 6pm.


For more information on our new and innovative auction platform visit: launches new live online property auctions in UK

Online property auction success signals shift from ballrooms to living rooms

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Do you live in a ‘Hot-Spot’, ‘Slow-Spot’ or ‘Not-Spot’?

Can you believe that even in this day and age, research from SamKnows has found that over 3 million homes (that’s 15% of homes) across the UK have a broadband speed of less than two megabits per second (Mbps).

Worryingly, that could mean that 3 million people are struggling to download all the lovely property details and images (!) as well as having issues shopping online, tweeting on twitter or simply sending emails.

Fear not, help is at hand…we only have to wait till 2012!

In the government’s interim Digital Britain report they have promised to provide all homes in the UK with a broadband speed of at least 2 Mbps by 2012.

What is interesting and somewhat surprising, is that this issue is not just restricted to rural communities but affects the commuter band also.

So, with many people trading local area info using Zoopla’s AskMe! community tool and over 80% of people starting their property search online, we thought we’d look at how many ‘slow-spots’ the UK’s top ten cities have (excluding London).

Using the website we’ve ranked the top 10 UK cities (by population) and surrounding areas (20 mile radius) according to the number of ‘slow-spots’ we found.

As you would expect, the cities don’t have ‘not-spots’ but surprisingly, they do have ‘slow-spots’. This is how the cities rank:

Slow-spots Cities
1 Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford
2 Liverpool
3 Edinburgh, Cardiff
4 Manchester, Glasgow
5 Leeds, Sheffield

If you think you live in a broadband ‘not-spot’ or ’slow-spot’, here are a few handy tips from our friends at Ofcom.

  1. Some broadband services can be affected by electrical interference. Try calling your internet service provider (ISP) who can recommend ways that this can be reduced (e.g. fitting additional filters to your telephone sockets).
  2. You may find that at peak times, like the roads, your broadband speed is a lot slower, so varying the times you use your connection may help.
  3. Moving to a faster broadband package won’t necessarily speed up your connection because of where you live. So be sure to speak to your ISP about the maximum speed you can achieve with your current telephone / data line.
  4. Switching your ISP may improve speeds. Comparison websites and ‘best buy’ guides can provide you with an indication of ISPs with good speed performance and also let you know whether other customers are happy with that ISP.

You may also find some of these links useful:

Check out your speed :
Broadband availability:
Monitor your usage:
Coverage map:

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