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Buy Jimmy Page’s Stairway To Heaven home

Fans of Led Zeppelin take note: the Berkshire home were Jimmy Page formed his famous rock group is now up for sale for £1 million.

The house where Jimmy Page formed Led Zeppelin is for sale credit: Rex

Page bought the The Thames Boathouse, a three-storey riverside property in the village of Pangbourne, in1967 when he was 23 and playing guitar in the Yardbirds. He lived there until 1973.

And that’s not all. The home played a key role in the formation of Led Zeppelin after Page met Robert Plant in 1968 and invited him to stay at the home so the two could discuss forming a new band. The group they formed, which was to become Led Zeppelin and include John Paul Jones and John Bonham, regularly stayed with Page at The Thames Boathouse to prepare for gigs and jam.

The home is now owned by Graham Gore who bought it in 1984 from the property developer who had purchased it from Page. Gore has made extensive improvements to the home – including installing a fittingly rock’n’roll indoor pool in the basement.

While Gore admits he’s not a big Led Zeppelin fan, he says he’s most definitely got a whole lotta love for this Berkshire  property.

“It’s a lovely spot, with stunning views,” Gore says. “And Pangbourne is a lovely place to live. We’ve been very happy here.

“It’s a shame to leave, but we’ve got another property in the village.”

The home, which was a wet dock and boating company offices until 1959, is set over three storeys, and also includes 40ft of mooring, a wet room, open plan living room, three bedrooms, family room and a full width riverside patio.

Everything an aspiring rocker could ask for, really.

The Thames Boathouse is for sale through Hamptons International.

See more photos of the boathouse here.

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Ringo’s childhood home: Let It Be rescued says Starr

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

I wonder if housing minister Grant Shapps is scratching his head at the millions of Beatles fans who’ve just learnt his name?

Shapps has come out as the knight in shining armour in the battle to save the Liverpool house where scouse hero and Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was born.


Ringo Starr outside his childhood home at 9 Madryn Street

Shapps’ gain has been English Heritage’s lose, however, after the conservation body ruled that the Victorian Terrace at 9 Madryn Street, in which Starr lived for four years after his birth, would not be put under a preservation order despite its association with the Beatles drummer.

Liverpool City Council is planning to bulldoze more than 400 homes, including 9 Madryn Street, early this year as part of a planned housing renewal of the so-called Welsh Streets area of Dingle, which they claim is so run down it cannot be saved.

Fighting the planned demolition is the Save Madryn Street Campaign (SMS), who say Starr’s childhood home is central to the million pound Beatles tourism industry and a key cultural site in Liverpool.

Phil Coppell outside 9 Madryn Street

Save Madryn Street Campaign chairman Philip Coppell outside 9 Madryn Street

And they’ve certainly had a win this week when Shapps came out in their support. Now the housing minister has written to Liverpool City Council calling for a temporary reprieve and labelling the house a “culturally important building”.

“That is why, before a single bulldozer rumbles along Madryn Street, I want to ensure that every option has been considered,” Shapps said.

“It is right that the people of Liverpool themselves decide whether they want Ringo Starr’s house to be demolished or to Let It Be.”

The former home of Ringo Starr: 9 Madryn Street

Beatles tourism guide and SMS chairman Philip Coppell welcomed Shapps comments, but warned the fight wasn’t yet over.

“We are not home-and-dry yet, but it’s a cause for celebration that the bulldozers will be held-off for the time being so that a fresh look can be taken by all concerned.

“There is no real prospect of building new homes on the Welsh Streets in the current economic climate.

“The money and demand is just not there to make that happen, so it would be absolutely crazy to go ahead and demolish Madryn Street just to grass it over.”

Coppell says there’s the potential for thousands of tourists to visit Ringo’s home every week because of its significance for Beatles fans.

Madryn Street

“It is a real asset to the city and much more could be made of it. We envisage a hotel, holiday apartments and a visitors’ centre in Madryn Street.”

Meanwhile the support from dedicated Beatles fans continues to grow, including from the man himself who is quoted on the Save Madryn Street Campaign website calling for the Victorian property to be “done up” rather than knocked down.

A facebook page set up by the campaign is attracting comments from Beatles fans around the world who are agitating for the home to be preserved. One comment from Barry Smith, who recently went on a Beatles bus tour of Liverpool which included Madryn Street said: “It would be madness to demolish this attraction – if it was anywhere else in the world they’d be renovating it and promoting it.”

The childhood homes of John Lennon – Mendips, in Menlove Avenue – and Sir Paul McCartney – in Forthlin Road – are popular tourist attractions run by the National Trust.

George Harrison’s Arnold Grove childhood home remains a private house.

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X Factor graduate Sean Rumsey’s got home owning plans

Sean Rumsey on the X Factor tour

Sean Rumsey performs on the X Factor tour in 2008

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

As one fifth of 2007 X Factor boy band Futureproof, Sean Rumsey made his mark singing pop sings with his band mates. Three years on, the now solo singer-songwriter is focused on developing his soul-pop repertoire and getting onto the property ladder, as he told FindaProperty.

Rumsey, who was mentored by Simon Cowell while on X Factor, currently lives in south east London’s South Norwood where he rents a flat from  letting agents. He told me that he’s loving the experience of sharing with a mate and taking advantage of his easy access into London.

“I really like it and there are some really great parts, actually,” the Warwickshire-raised 23-year-old told me. “Not too far from where I live there’s a really nice park with a nice lake and stuff, which I can go jogging in.

“I was brought up in the countryside, so it’s quite nice to have a little get away area close by if I want to escape from the city and that’s why I really like the area in particular.”

It’s also just ten minutes from Norwood Junction to London Bridge, which means Rumsey is in easy reach of the music industry meetings he needs to attend in central London.

While renting is good for now, Rumsey’s keen to explore his options about getting on the property ladder and at the moment has his heart set on Kent or Surrey for when it comes to looking for a home for sale.

“Financially, I’m about to be ready, but at the same time, I want to have good net savings behind me – I’m one of those people who want to be really secure,” he tells me. “ So it’s a plan for the mid-term at this stage.”

“I want to live just outside of London, either, for instance, Kent or nearer to Surrey. Somewhere in the suburbs because I like the countryside feel and also it’s not too far of a commute to London and to get to Stansted.”

Rumsey is currently on tour in support of Britain’s Got Talent winners, the dance troupe Diversity and when I spoke to him was literally about to quit his South Norwood bolthole for Glasgow, the tour’s next stop.

But, just like most of us, he’s spent the past few months, in front of the telly every Saturday and Sunday night, keeping up with this year’s X Factor goings on.

“I thought the deserved winner won – I definitely thought Matt Cardle was the strongest singer in the final twelve,” Rumsey tells me.

He also liked One Direction, the boy band that, like Futureproof, was mentored by Cowell and put together on the show.

“I really thought they were going to win,” he laughs. “I thought all the young girls would vote for them and also, no boy band’s ever won the show before , so I thought they’d have a really good chance.”

How about Cowell? Does he still catch up with the X Factor’s famously straight- talking multi millionaire mogul creator ?

“I’m not in contact with him, but he is a very nice bloke,” Rumsey tells me. “I just think, he’s one of those guys who knows exactly what he wants.

“He’s a charmer as well and just has that quiet power I think because his vision is so strong. I think he’s a great business mind as well.”

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Lily Allen’s £3m Cotswold home on

Smile singer, Lily Allen, isn’t moving to Ramsay St, but has just completed on a £3m house (that also comes with a 3-bed cottage) in the remote Gloucestershire village of Cranham (GL4) in the Cotswolds. It’s a sizeable pad, but needs to be – her first baby is due in February. She also has her Dad, Keith, just 10 miles away in the village of Minchinhampton.

The property, called Old Overtown House, has six bedrooms, five bathrooms and three reception rooms spread over three-storeys in a house that is thought to date from the 1600’s. It’s surrounded by a National Trust estate in an area of outstanding beauty and is rumoured to have stunning croquet lawns!

Here’s an aerial view taken from the property’s details page on (we list every UK property, not just those for sale or to rent)…and here’s a link to the Old Overtown House page on

Average property values, according to, for Cranham, Gloucestershire are £441,123 with values having risen £2,440 (1.41%) in the last 12 months. In the last 5 years 22 properties have changed hands in Cranham with an average sold price of £440,590. Here’s the market overview page for Cranham.

If success is based on the length of driveway, then Lily has made it. The property has an incredibly long driveway – we estimate it’s nearly 1km. A quick look on Google Street View, which we have fully integrated into, reveals how long it is and interestingly, how far the Google Street View car was allowed to go up it. The official drive starts at the crossroads just by the Zoopla Zerif on the right of the image below.

The image at the top of this post was taken from Lily’s official website

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Rent The Flat From ‘The Verve’ Video

Back in 1997 popular beat combo The Verve wrote themselves into rock history with their acclaimed third album, Urban Hymns.

It’s probably best know for the anthemic “Bitter Sweet Symphony” and the equally cheery “The Drugs Don’t Work” but Richard Ashcroft was obviously in a happier mood when he wrote “Lucky Man”, the third single …maybe the drugs had started to work by then?

Why am I telling you this? Because, music fans, you can now rent the amazing flat that featured in the “Lucky Man” video. It was designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership and is, apparently, a particularly fine example of the High Tech style.


High Tech, it seems, means big and shiny, lots of steel and glass, industrial pipes and girders and plenty of severe black chairs.

In the video Ashcroft rambles down that incredible staircase, strums his guitar, looks out the windows, and trys, without much success, to encourage the rest of the band to stop lounging around and pitch in. No wonder they kept splitting up.

Anyway, the tenant who moves in here will need to stump up £6,933 pcm for the privilege. Lucky indeed…

Click the Youtube pic to see the video – embedding is restricted so we can’t show it here.



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