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What’s your neighbours value? Would you pay for a good neighbour?

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We’d shell out more for a home if it had an extra bedroom, study or bathroom, but it turns out nearly half of us would also pay extra for a property with a good neighbour – £15,321 to be exact.

What’s your neighbour worth?

As long working hours and technology force many of us to spend more time out of sight and in front of screens, new research from FindaProperty reveals 9.5 million of us, or 19%, say they’d like a better relationship with their neighbours.

It’s not so surprising. One of the things people want most from a home is to feel safe, comfortable and welcome, and this is almost entirely dependent on the people who live close to us.  It’s not just tangible factors like transport links and square footage that contribute to property prices – the strength of the local community can be a powerful selling point for many buyers too.

Despite the fact that just 39% of us would call our neighbour a friend, we clearly value them. Forty per cent of us say we’d pay more for a home – to the tune of 7% of the cost of the property or £15,321 – if we knew the person living next door would be a trustworthy neighbour.  And that’s a lot of extra money for simply making friends across the garden fence or at the front door.

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Jack Osbourne’s home profit rocks

Dad-to-be reality TV host and sometime London resident Jack Osbourne is showing himself to be a savvy property investor – so long as all goes to plan.

Jack Osbourne is selling his London bachelor pad (pic credit: Ken McCay/Rex Features)

While the only son of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy and TV host Sharon recently splashed out £1.7 million on a family home in Los Angeles ahead of the birth of his first child, it seems he’s trying to recoup some cash after putting his smart, but petite, London bachelor pad on the market.


Jack, who’s first child with fiancée Lisa Stelly is due any day now, is selling his one-bedroom, one-bathroom interior-designed home in Marylebone for £610,000 through estate agents Chesterton Humberts.

The property – surprisingly near slightly scruffy Edgeware Road – has performed well for the TV personality, who recently made a documentary about his hard rocking father called God bless Ozzy Osbourne.

Jack purchased the freehold home in August 2006 for £370,000 so, if he sells at asking price, he’ll make a £240,000 profit on the sale.


Jack’s two-storey home has its own courtyard, underfloor heating and open plan living room, but  is probably more bijou than most would imagine – it has just one bathroom – an en suite off the upstairs bedroom.

The property gods have clearly been smiling on the Osbourne family. Ozzy and Sharon also recently sold their Malibu estate for £4.9 million after originally listing it in 2006 for £6.2 million.


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Football fan stakes £1.4m home on home club’s success

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

Even the most self-assured Premier League player would think twice before staking their home on a winning season, but that’s exactlywhat one UK football fan has done.

Martin Senior has vowed to give a full refund to whoever buys his £1.4m house in Hove, East Sussex if his favourite football club makes it to the Premier League.

The four-bedroom home has an asking price of £1.4m but comes with a rather unusual clause – Senior will pay back every penny to the buyer if Brighton and Albion FC get promoted.

Martin Senior’s Hove home is on the market for £1.4m, but he says he’ll refund every penny if his team makes it into the Premier League. Credit: Andrew Hasson / Rex Features

The odds on the Championship team making it to the Premier League are currently 10-1. The team is in ninth position with 49 points and is two points off a play-off place with 15 games to play.

Senior, a sculpter, designed and built the home himself. It includes a large open-plan living room and kitchen with doors opening out onto a tropical garden. As well as a guest suite and two further bedrooms, the master bedroom suite comes complete with a roof terrace and sea views.

See more pictures of the home.

Anyone – not just football fanatics – can buy the house, but Senior has urged a fellow Seagulls fan to step forward.

“It would be the perfect end to the season for an Albion fan – a free house and their team in the Premier League,” Senior says.

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Looking for a home to rent? Don’t worry – you’re not the only one

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

If you’re one of the army of people who’ve been looking for a new home to rent recently, then the latest news from the Association of Residential Rental Agents (or ARLA for short) won’t come as a surprise.

What they’ve found, and you no doubt already know, is that there’s been an increase in the number of people on the hunt for a rental home. Specifically, ARLA asked its members – who are all residential letting agents – about demand and found that 74 per cent of them had more prospective tenants than homes to let over the past three months.

Two years ago, they asked a similar question, but found only 10 per cent  of letting agents had an over-supply of would-be tenants.

“There is a clear shortage of homes to buy in the UK,” says ARLA’s Ian Potter. “Faced with this, many people are turning to rental homes as a more flexible option than buying; yet as our research highlights that the dearth of properties is just as real in the private rented sector and is showing no signs of improvement.”

One thing is for sure: the rental market is going through a crazy period at the moment and ARLA’s findings chime with’s own research into the sector. Next week, we’ll release our own quarterly Rental Index showing just that.  What we can say now is that although the number of homes available to rent has recently risen slightly, demand is dramatically exceeding supply and therefore rents are rising very fast. For example asking rents in London up are up 15 per cent year on year.

And at the moment, it looks like this trend will continue. As more first-time buyers find themselves renting for longer while they save up a deposit to buy, so rental prices will continue to rise as competition becomes more intense. On the plus side, the strong yields are luring more buy-to-let investors back into the market so that’s why supply of rented properties is increasing.

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First-time buyer blog: What it’s like to find your first home by Emma

This is a legacy post from the blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

Hello, my name is Emma and I have officially been branded a First-Time Buyer (FTB). It’s exciting, challenging, daunting, extremely interesting and rather amusing at times. I’m hoping to share the journey with you in this blog. First, as a way of an introduction and a bit of background I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

I currently live in a rented property with my boyfriend in Reading. It’s more-or-less halfway between our jobs so it was an ideal location.  We are now looking to buy our first home together.

The first step was to find a mortgage, and to figure out what we may be able to afford. After many sums, long conversations with Mortgage Advisors at various banks we had a good idea of interest rates, different types of mortgages and the many insurance policies that go along with them. Personally, I couldn’t wait to get this part out of the way. It was overwhelming, actually.

We have been looking at properties for five weeks now. It has been the biggest learning curve, but despite not finding “the one” just yet I would really encourage FTBs to vary their first few weeks of looking. We thought we had an idea about what we were looking for in a house, when infact this does not become clear until you have seen many properties. We have seen brand new, very old, large, small, clean, filthy, crowded, empty, ugly, pretty and down-right uninhabitable properties.

We are still looking, although now being a bit more selective. Armed with a note book, a keen eye and an open mind maybe this weekend will be the winner. In which case this could end up being a very short blog indeed! Until then I’ll keep you all posted and will share some of our experiences to date.

I hope you enjoy the blog, if you would like to keep updated with some classic estate agent lines you can follow me on Twitter @polkadotcherry


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