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Today Google launched a new property search feature on Google Maps and we were one of the few launch partners.

We see this as a big win for our member agents as it provides an opportunity for us to offer them even greater exposure and results.

By partnering with Google, we take away the hassle from our members by automatically creating a specific Google xml feed, optimising it for best display and regularly uploading to Google.

Google is yet another addition to our already extensive network (we recently added eBay and Gumtree) of partner sites.

To ensure your listings are displayed and chosen by Google, agents must provide us with the most comprehensive and up-to-date property listings with full post-codes.

Any agents interested in listings on Zoopla and all our partner sites, contact us today!

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Zoopla Values the most Picturesque Streets: Increased Property Value?

To celebrate a year of Google Street View, Google asked the nation to vote for what they thought were the most picturesque streets in Britain.

Google’s criteria for street-selection stated that:

“The winning street should be uniquely British and visually charming. It could be vibrant, full of character, diverse, walker-friendly or architecturally interesting.”

…and Ed Parsons from Google said:

“The Google Street View Awards are aimed to celebrate the many fantastic streets that Britain has to offer, and the results reveal a diverse cultural landscape of food, fashion and beauty that puts the winning towns firmly on the map.”

More than 11,000 people voted for their favourites after the streets were short-listed by a panel of experts.

The top three streets, in order were:

1. The Shambles, York Google Street View link

2. Royal Crescent, BathGoogle Maps View link

3. Grey Street, NewcastleGoogle Street View link

We’ve added in the average home value on these streets based on current value estimates.

Google Street View Most Picturesque Street Shortlist 2010

Street Area Average Value March 2010
High Street Chipping Campden £683,525
Broad Street Ludlow £582,106
Royal Crescent Bath £512,977
Grey Street Newcastle £346,636
New College Lane Oxford £337,413
Gold Hill Dorset £276,451
Brunswick Square Brighton and Hove £274,315
Pen Cei Aberaeron £240,923
The Shambles York £168,048
Main Street Isle of Mull £146,835


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Google Updates Street View Sightseeing Spots

Recently Google ran a poll on which UK landmarks people would like to see in full 360° Googlevision and the results have just been updated in Street View.

So you can now do what druids have been trying – with various degrees of success – to do for generations and wander at leisure around Stonehenge.

[googlemap lat=”51.17906″ lng=”-1.826337″ yaw=”164.03″ pitch=”-0.44″ zoom=”0″ width=”450px” height=”350px” type=”STREETVIEW”]Stonehenge[/googlemap]

Or maybe you’d like to float like a butterfly around the Eden Project near Par in Cornwall?

[googlemap lat=”50.362504″ lng=”-4.745″ yaw=”88.84″ pitch=”-25.26″ zoom=”0″ width=”450px” height=”350px” type=”STREETVIEW”]Eden Project[/googlemap]

Then repel the Royalists from the battlements of Warwick Castle, Warwick.

[googlemap lat=”52.279384″ lng=”-1.585267″ yaw=”241.69″ pitch=”-18.3″ zoom=”0″ width=”450px” height=”350px” type=”STREETVIEW”]Warwick Castle[/googlemap]

Or do you fancy recapturing Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh from the French?

[googlemap lat=”55.609883″ lng=”-1.712498″ yaw=”121.5″ pitch=”-7.98″ zoom=”0″ width=”450px” height=”350px” type=”STREETVIEW”]Bamburgh Castle[/googlemap]

While you’re up that way it would be just rude not to take a moment to gaze in awe at the Angel of The North near Gateshead.

[googlemap lat=”54.913988″ lng=”-1.589422″ yaw=”336.63″ pitch=”-32.66″ zoom=”0″ width=”450px” height=”350px” type=”STREETVIEW”]Angel Of The North[/googlemap]

And finally, after an exhausting day’s druiding, floating, fighting and gazing, there’s nothing better than a nice pint in one of the nation’s favourite boozers; the Rovers Return in Manchester City Centre.

[googlemap lat=”53.477792″ lng=”-2.255495″ yaw=”49.94″ pitch=”-5.22″ zoom=”0″ width=”450px” height=”350px” type=”STREETVIEW”]Rovers Return[/googlemap]

There is more info over at the excellent Google Sightseeing blog, and while you’re at it, why not check out the list of city centres covered by Street View on

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Google Street View live on Zoopla!

In case you missed it, Zoopla! announced last week that only days after the launch of Google’s UK Street View we have integrated it into our mapping.  Street View is currently only available in 25 UK cities, covering just under 10% of the 233k miles of road in the country but a far greater proportion of UK population and therefore property.

Street view image in NottinghamStreet view image in Nottingham

In the context of property search and market information, it’s certainly a great addition to the site experience.  Street View supplements the bird’s eye and aerial property views already available, giving users the ultimate tool to research an area for buying, renting or understanding property values.

How to use Street View on Zoopla!

1. You’ve found a 3 bedroom house in Oxford that matches your criteria.

2. Scroll down the listing page, where the default Map view is shown, and select Street View at the top right of the image.

Selecting Street View on Zoopla!Selecting Street View on Zoopla!

3.  You’re now taking a virtual tour of the street where this property is for sale.  You can either get a full 360 degrees view, or take a stroll up and down.

Henley Street in OxfordStreet View of Henley Street, Oxford, OX4

4. To get a 360 degree perspective of a street or change the directional view, drag the ‘N’ around the dial in the top left or click on the arrows, to move down the street click the white arrows on the line pointing down the centre. To zoom in or out click the + or – to the left.

NB – due to Google not being able to pinpoint the exact position of an individual property, Street View images are likely to be several metres away from the property in question or facing the opposite way.

Street View can be found on all Zoopla!’s maps. If you’re researching current home values in Oxford and wonder why a particular area is more valuable than another, Street View allows you to compare streets by selecting Map View for that search result. When selecting Street View you’ll notice that areas covered by Google are outlined in blue.

Areas covered by Street View are outlined in blueAreas covered by Street View are outlined in blue

As you zoom in further you’ll see individual streets outlined in blue and a simple click will allow you to take a virtual tour of that area.

Zoopla! are big fans of Street View and think it will add a huge deal of value to people researching property online which is what we’re all about. We hope you agree but feel free to let us know what you think.

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My! How We’ve Grown

In honour of their 10th birthday Google are offering their earliest searchable database from 2001. (So what happened to the 1998-2000 databases eh? Did the cleaner throw them out?)

Anyway, I did a search for ‘’ just to see, curious like, and my! How we’ve grown!

Way back in the day, we had a mere 26,158 properties advertised by just 559 agents, but as of today, oh, only 614,938 properties for sale and rent from 9,094 estate agents.


Then: in 2001

And now: in 2008

The Google results count has changed somewhat as well.

  • In 2001 there was a grand total of 4230 results for a ‘’ search
  • Today there are a whopping 1,870,000 results – so a big up to our SEO team! Woop! Woop!

But before we adorn ourselves with laurel wreaths, here’s a sign of the times. Guess who, in 2001, had 953,000 results on Google but now has 41,600,000?*

Britney, Britney, Britney… what have we done to you?

(* with Safesearch on, workplace computers and all that)

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