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Best sofas to buy – What’s cool to sink into

The best sofas combine cutting edge design with comfort, writes Jessie Hewitson

Every living room needs a cool sofa in the middle of it. It’s a communication of just how stylish you really are – ideally you want a statement piece of furniture that nods to current design trends but is still comfy. The sofa is one of our most valuable items of furniture in the house, after all – it’s our reward for a hard day’s work and the bliss of sinking into it while watching a good box set is unparalleled.

According to interior designers, it’s all about colourful sofas these days. The brown leather pub sofa or the neutral shaded one is no longer desirable – these days it’s all about bright red, pinks and turquoises.  For those that can afford it, wool-covered settees - particularly merino wool – is highly fashionable, as are those covered in tweeds, tartans and checks.

Made by Hands of Britain is selling a retro grey wool-coloured sofa designed to look like it’s floating for £1,700 (

Sofa beds, according to Richard Ward, a designer at Wawa – a shop selling designer sofas from in east London’s fashionable Columbia Road- are increasingly popular. “They are more in demand than ever as people tend not to be moving house but concentrating on making the most of existing spaces,” he says. He is selling an ottoman sofa-bed for £1,845 (plus fabric cost) via

Ward has also designed a bright red or purple ‘bay’ sofa or sofa bed, to fit snugly into the curved bay window of a house. “It is the best use of an often neglected space,” he says. The price is £1,845 (and fabric) for the sofa and £2,245 for the sofa bed.

L Shape sofas also make the most of decreasing living spaces and can mean that two people can lie down comfortably on one sofa, without one person having to make the sacrifice of sitting up.

A note of caution from Leigh Harmer, managing director of, however, who advises homeowners not to get carried away. ‘Savvy consumers in the market for cool sofas are careful in what they are choosing, as too cutting edge will date and most of us need value for money these days. The trend is for contemporary lines that do not shout design – sofas that will mix with many interior styles. What you want is a settee that, as mood and trends change, will still look great in three years’ time.”

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Windows From Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater For Sale

Do you live in a house with a top class architectural pedigree?

If so, listen up, because the conservation body that looks after Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater has come up with a crafty way to get the windows replaced: sell the old ones off to architectural relic hunters.

Their website explains that the old windows are suffering from decay (hmmm, wonder if all that falling water is to blame – the owner’s father dubbed the place ‘rising mildew’?).

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

And this, architecture groupies, is where you come in:

“Naming opportunities range from $500 to $10,000 and up for each window, skylight, glass door, or set of windows, depending on the size and location.

“You will receive a commemorative piece of the old Fallingwater glass, framed along with a drawing of the house, specifying the window that you have endowed.

“Additionally, if you endow a window at $1,000 or more, you will be recognized on a donor wall in the Fallingwater Visitors Pavilion.”

$1,000 for a bit of old glass? Genius!

Here’s a nice video about the house:

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Robotic Spider Plant Follows light to prevent Light Starvation.

My new favourite designers are the Play Coalition, who first came to my attention with their selfless light fitting, The Martyr; a neat little visual pun on the idea of energy-saving.

The Martyr

They’ve now come up with a crazy, Tim Burton-esque solution to light-starved houseplants, The Plantbot.

Slap in your favourite fern, yucca, whatever and say goodbye to wilted foliage as the Plantbot doggedly follows sunlight around your room.

Warning: if the Day Of The Triffids gave you nightmares when you were a kid, it’s probably not for you.


But if the idea of a perambulating plantpot shakes your branches, you can see more pics at the Play Coalition website.

If nothing else it’ll freak the hell out of the cat. No more peeing in the plantpot for you Mr Moggy!

(All pics: The Play Coalition)

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Laurence Llewellyn Bowen creates chair and goes green for charity

We like clever designs at FindaProperty. And we like smart, green ideas.  So when a marriage of the two comes to our attention, we like to share the joy.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we bring to your attention the Can Can Chair, a regal looking affair (albeit toytown-sized) that is made entirely from recycled drinks cans.

pic: Treehugger

Can Can Chair

Okay, so we admit that the fuchsia hue and celestial winged pattern might not be to everyone’s taste.

And it doesn’t look like the most comfortable piece of furniture ever made although it’d probably do your posture the world of good.

But given that its designer was Laurence Llewelyn–Bowen, the foppish, long-haired fellow from Changing Rooms, maybe we should just be grateful that it doesn’t come in a garish shade of purple.

Flamboyant Laurence, who was responsible for some of the most outlandish makeovers seen on the TV series – and the ensuing anguish – seems to have left controversy behind with this nifty idea which demonstrates how recycling and design can work together.

Even better, come next year when vivid pink thrones will be soooo last year, the chair can be melted down and used to create something completely new. Clever, huh?

Laurence’s recycled chair will be auctioned off later in the year with all proceeds going to charity.

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What’s That Coming Over The Hill?

It’s caravanning, Jim, but not as we know it.

Q: How do you turn the old-fashioned caravan into a trendy affair?

A: It’s easy! Simply:

1. Include the word Pod in the blurb

2. Manufacture it in a lurid funky colour

3. Give it a catchy name

4. Market it to ‘urbanites’

And, hey presto, welcome to the brand new world of the ‘Capsule Caravan’:


Okay, that’s not doing justice to this rather clever design from David Tonkinson, who decided it was time that the humble mobile home was towed into the 21 st Century.

And it certainly is well thought out, despite its uncanny resemblance to a giant Tic Tac.  Lightweight and small enough to be parked in a normal sized space, once it’s stationary, the Capsule Caravan expands into two Pods (yay!)

Comfort Pod is your chill-out and sleeping zone, and Service Pod contains all the functional stuff like cleaning gear, storage space and a gazillion power points.

Tonkinson, who came up with the concept of the contemporary caravan for his Final Year Project, claims that the popularity of festivals in recent years has reinforced the appeal of caravans to a younger generation.  A fair point.

But c’mon! I’m a festival fan myself but there’s no way I’d want to turn up at Glasto with what looks like an enormous Jelly Bean trailing behind me – but maybe I’m just not edgy or young enough.


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