launches smart TV app

If you thought digital televisions were all about pin sharp images and recording your favourite series years in advance, then may we invite you to think again.

The next generation of ‘smart tellys’ are really mini-PCs attached to large screens and just as useful to surf the net as they are to watch TV on.

This trend has not gone unnoticed here at and today we’re launching our first smart TV property search app for anyone looking to buy, rent, let, sell or browse homes from the enormous comfort of their favourite sofa.

All of the functionality of is unleashed on the smart TV app, which will be available initially on Samsung’s vast range of sets. Property details, photographs, asking prices, search results maps and floor plans will all be easier to see at wide screen resolution.

To get the app on your Samsung TV, go to its Smart Hub, navigate with your remote control to the Lifestyle section on the home screen and then search for our app by name and then select and download.

And remember, this isn’t our only new app. We also have an armoury of apps for those on the go including those for smart phones such as iPhone and Android models; other mobile handsets; and for the iPad too.

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