Overcrowding in Britain: Children forced to share a room

This is a legacy post from the findaproperty.com blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

Whether it’s the kids doing homework at the kitchen table, new parents staying in one-bedroom flats after the first child arrives or siblings sharing rooms, it turns out that Britain is a nation that’s squeezing into homes that are far too small, according to new research by FindaProperty.com. test1

Nearly a quarter (or 24%) of children living in British homes are forced to share a bedroom because of the pressure on space  at home.  That rises to 38 % for younger families, while 35% of those living in London share a bedroom with one or two siblings. Meanwhile, 29% of parents think their home is too small for their family, rising to 40% for parents aged up to 34.

FindaProperty.com decided to look into family size and how it relates to home size as part of its research connected to their new TV advertising campaign, the first of which uses a rapping dad-to-be to highlight the issue of household overcrowding for new parents. Watch the ad now.

And specifically in relation to this – the survey suggests just under a million people in the UK are expecting to become parents within the next few months and roughly 14 per cent of them are living in homes that are too small for their new arrival.

What this research highlights is that very few families can afford to buy or rent a property that meets their size and location requirements and as a result they are often forced to compromise – in many cases forcing them to live in homes that are far too small for their needs.

In these challenging economic times, the sad truth is that if families are struggling with food, education and healthcare costs they’re probably going to put off the added costs of moving and the burden of a larger mortgage or paying more rent.

But the good news is that for those who do have a deposit, low mortgage rates and reduced property asking prices are making upsizing  and buying a new home  relatively affordable at the moment.

But with the average cost of a three bedroom home  now in the region of £193,000, affordability remains a key issue for many families.

And for those who are looking to buy or rent a new home now, the best practical advice is to invest quality time in the search for a home and look for something that meets the needs of your family both now and in the future.

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A home fit for Alan Partridge takes twitter by storm

The property details of a non descript red brick bungalow in Hertfordshire was viewed thousands of times in just a few hours after it was tweeted by dedicated Alan Partridge fans who recognised it from the comedy series.

The house, in Brooke Drive, Radlett, is famous for being the fictional home of obsessed Partridge fan Jed Maxwell. It was featured in the episode To Kill a Mocking Alan of the first series of BBC sitcom I’m Alan Partridge, starring Steve Coogan.

A link to the home’s property details was retweeted hundreds of times last night after a retweet by Armando Iannucci http://twitter.com/aiannucci), one of the writers of the show, who’s also famous for penning The Think Of It.

We're guessing the Alan Partridge room is no longer a feature

In the show, Partridge pretends he lives with Maxwell to try to impress two Irish TV executives who are considering giving him a show. But while at the home, Partridge is horrified to discover a room that’s a shrine to himself. He says to the frightened executives: “Two things: one, presumably you think I’m a bit odd and you’d like to leave immediately; and two, can I come with you?” The episode ends with Partridge fleeing the crazed fan across nearby fields.

The home, a two bedroom bungalow,  is listed for sale for £575,000, but Alan Partridge fans hoping to view it or make an offer on the detached house will be disappointed – it recently sold.

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Bruce Willis is selling his secluded Idaho home

You could almost see Die Hard’s John McClane escaping to this secluded Idaho home to recover from a heavy session of battling villains. 

The house that Bruce Willis renovated is now for sale. John McClane would love it.

But in fact, this lakeside property in Aspen Lakes Hailey is owned by Hollywood star Bruce Willis who bought it in 2003, three years after his divorce from Demi Moore and is rumoured to have spent a small fortune doing it up. It’s on the market for $15 million (£9.7 million) through Sothebys International Realty.

What's on the mantlepiece? Is that Bruce Willis' trophy collection taking pride of place in the sitting room

It seems likely that Willis and second wife Emma Heming have outgrown the six bedroom, six bathroom home, after it was reported late last year that she is expecting the couple’s first child in April. Willis already has three daughters with first wife Moore.

As you’d expect from Willis –a fan of recreational fishing – the home has multiple ponds, flowing streams and a custom pool with waterfalls.  There’s also the opportunity to ski, hike and bike close by.

 And being the home of one of the world’s most bankable stars, this estate delivers on the privacy front – it’s set on a thickly wooded 20 acre site – which, along with an extensive security system, has no doubt helped to keep the paparazzi at bay.

Fit for an A-lister: the master closet


The proprety also has its own heated balconies and pavers from the road to the house. The large master bathroom comes with a “jetted soaking tub”, granite shower and one of the largest (and most impressive) purpose-built master closets we’ve ever seen.

Perfect for those seeking an A-list lifestyle.

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Buy Jimmy Page’s Stairway To Heaven home

Fans of Led Zeppelin take note: the Berkshire home were Jimmy Page formed his famous rock group is now up for sale for £1 million.

The house where Jimmy Page formed Led Zeppelin is for sale credit: Rex

Page bought the The Thames Boathouse, a three-storey riverside property in the village of Pangbourne, in1967 when he was 23 and playing guitar in the Yardbirds. He lived there until 1973.

And that’s not all. The home played a key role in the formation of Led Zeppelin after Page met Robert Plant in 1968 and invited him to stay at the home so the two could discuss forming a new band. The group they formed, which was to become Led Zeppelin and include John Paul Jones and John Bonham, regularly stayed with Page at The Thames Boathouse to prepare for gigs and jam.

The home is now owned by Graham Gore who bought it in 1984 from the property developer who had purchased it from Page. Gore has made extensive improvements to the home – including installing a fittingly rock’n’roll indoor pool in the basement.

While Gore admits he’s not a big Led Zeppelin fan, he says he’s most definitely got a whole lotta love for this Berkshire  property.

“It’s a lovely spot, with stunning views,” Gore says. “And Pangbourne is a lovely place to live. We’ve been very happy here.

“It’s a shame to leave, but we’ve got another property in the village.”

The home, which was a wet dock and boating company offices until 1959, is set over three storeys, and also includes 40ft of mooring, a wet room, open plan living room, three bedrooms, family room and a full width riverside patio.

Everything an aspiring rocker could ask for, really.

The Thames Boathouse is for sale through Hamptons International.

See more photos of the boathouse here.

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See a Granny rap about finding a new home

This is a legacy post from the findaproperty.com blog which is now maintained as an archive within the Zoopla blog. Links have been preserved.

Meet Granny. She’s the latest member of the FindaProperty.com Rapping Family and she’s getting lyrical about finding a new home.

See Granny rap now.

Granny is part of our new £5 million advertising campaign. She follows in the footsteps of our rapping expectant parents who premiered on ITV at the weekend.

Granny isn’t going to be on the telly until next month, but you can see her spitting some rhymes about her property likes (it’s got to be nice and cosy, local and close to the postie) now.

Sign up to our campaign site and see our Rapping Family ads before they go live. You’ll also be among the first to hear about our new competition and how you can win some exciting prizes.

Check it!

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