Small is beautiful – are studios losing their bedsit stigma?

St James Gardens 6

The London-based agency Marsh & Parsons is selling a flat in ultra-desirable Holland Park – where Simon Cowell has a home and where even the average house price is just under £1.5m – for a relatively modest £395,000. The catch is that the property measures just 413 sq ft – or to put it another way: it’s a studio.

St James Gardens 2

Increasingly, Brits are foregoing space for these bonsai-proportioned homes that offer better affordability. Studios with good storage space or mezzanine sleeping areas are particularly popular: the Holland Park property makes the most of its high ceilings, with a sleeping area and a dressing room underneath. Internal folding doors shutting away a kitchen are a good idea – any dirty dishes can be hidden in a heartbeat when friends call; as is a simple, white minimalist colour scheme. (It’s best to save the bold patterned wallpaper for a home where you don’t have to debate whether a colander takes up too much space in the kitchen.)

St James Gardens 4

“Studios are becoming increasingly popular with first-time buyers,” says William Hughes-Ward, sales manager of the South Kensington & Chelsea office of Marsh & Parsons. “Over the past ten years studios have become less like bedsits and more stylish abodes, which, with a bit of creativity, can offer great living space.”

St James Gardens 5

Ballymore’s Pan Peninsula development features a 305 sq ft studio on the 30th floor, currently on the market for £310,000. It comes with a fold-up bed that disappears into the wall (though not when you are asleep). The flat has a masculine monochrome colour scheme and views over Canary Wharf.

Pan Peninsula

And it’s not just Prime Central London – areas such as Holland Park, home to Russian oligarchs and women with improbably small dogs – that is seeing these new breed of studios pop up. In fashionable Dalston, East London, some disused garages on the Lockner Estate are being converted into bijou homes.

When finished, they will be cosy studios for young professionals to rent at a cost of just £11 a week. These homes will measure just 124 sq ft, so warn the cat – it should tuck its head in mid-swing.

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Ten ultimate home cinema rooms #Oscars

Stayed up late to watch the Oscar’s ceremony? Feeling a little sleepy?

With the after show parties across the globe coming to an end, which of these luxurious cinema rooms would you like to collapse in and watch your favourite movies?

Click on the pictures to take a tour of these fabulous homes to buy.

 Cinema room

Cinema room

Cinema room

Cinema room

Cinema room

Cinema room

Cinema room

Cinema room

Cinema room

Cinema room

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Homes with a difference

Jessie Hewitson takes a look at some weird and wonderful homes currently on the market.

Hot on the news that Naomi Campbell’s billionaire boyfriend is to build a love nest for the couple just outside of Moscow in the shape of a Star Trek spaceship designed by Zaha Hadid – really – we decided to take a look at some of the homes on the market with unexpected selling points.


A contender is the five-bed property that is a converted train station in Kingsbridge in Devon, which comes complete with station sign of Loddiswell on the outside of the building and an indoor pool located within the building that housed the former signal box room.The property, on the market for £750,000, is on the market with Marchand Petit.


One topical selling point has only emerged recently: a view of the Shard. Even a “partial view” of the pointy building is being touted as a wallet-opening piece of information by Hamptons International, an agency currently selling a 646 sq ft high-spec studio flat for £485,000 in Cinnamon Wharf, Shad Thames.


Meanwhile a four-bed detached house in Haringey, north London, is a property designed and built by the lead architects of the Eden Project and the international terminal at Waterloo station. Fiona Galbraith and Andrew Whalley originally bought the site and built this modernist house early in their career as their family home (they have since relocated to New York as Whalley, who used to work with Richard Rogers, is head of the New York practice of Grimshaw Architects). The current owners, a young couple, bought the property off Galbraith and Whalley, and are now selling it for £810,000 through Winkworth. The home, as you would expect, is extremely energy efficient.


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Valentine’s Day: do you avoid the clichés?

At this time of year the shops and media are flooded with Valentine’s Day specials. Tables for two, store-bought bouquets and teddy bears – but there’s something that lacks spontaneity, and the chocolates and champagne may be heavy in colour and calories but they’re often a bit light in creativity.

It doesn’t mean you have to buy into it, especially if you and your partner prefer not to outsource your emotions to Hallmark. Stay at home this Valentine’s Day instead, and make a gesture of appreciation that your significant other will remember long after the roses have wilted. Here are a few creative and romantic gestures to get your evening under way:

1. Create a nook

Many homes have a corner of underutilised space that can be converted into a reading or breakfast nook. A must-have for this space is comfortable seating, whether you opt for an armchair or neat breakfast bench. Designed as a place to unwind, a nook can be decorated however you like as long as you find it relaxing. If you’re short on space, create a temporary Valentine’s Day nook, add soft cushions and serve your favourite munchies.

Floor picnic by the fire

2. Trip the light fantastic

One of the easiest ways to set the scene without spending a huge amount of cash is with lighting, which can make magical even the mundane spaces. Avoid messy candles and opt for a string of battery powered fairy lights, which you can use to illuminate a bouquet of flowers, a tree in the garden, a canopy in the bedroom, a mirror or a wine bottle in the dining room.

fairy lights

3. Home spa retreat

Pick up scented candles, bubble bath or salts, masks, wraps and even a fluffy bathrobe and slippers from your local health and beauty store. Give the bathroom a thorough scrub from top to bottom and fill the room with fresh flowers, music and a bottle of something fizzy. Much cheaper than booking a session at your local spa, this kind of pamper session requires a little bit of effort but it’s just as relaxing.

Home spa

4. Revamp the room

It can be as simple as moving furniture around to create that perfect ambience, but perhaps it’s time for a grander gesture. That room you’ve been meaning to clear out but never get around to tackling? Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. That light fixture she loved but wouldn’t buy for herself? Install it before she gets home from work. Think lamps, lighted shelves, wall sconces or more temporarily, paper lanterns and string lights. Buy a new duvet and pillow set, frame and hang some photos that have long been languishing in your drawers or hunt down some vintage door handles.


5. Invest your time

Some of the most memorable gifts are those that are personalised – hand-written messages, home-cooked meals, gifts that may not be luxury but are certainly tailored for the individual rather than the masses. Even if it’s just a dinner or breakfast, made with favourite ingredients and served in a temporarily or permanently re-designed room, you have already separated yourself from the pack of usual Valentine’s gestures.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a matter of spending money on anonymous trinkets. Just use your imagination, invest some time and be ready to transform your home with romance in mind. Do you have any creative ideas to share with us ahead of this Valentine’s Day?

Breakfast in bed

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Go Green in 2013: A warmer home that’s cheaper to heat


We all want to reduce the energy bills from our leaky homes, but few of us want to pay up front for making them more energy efficient. It’s either at the bottom of our list of things to do or we’re worried we’ll never see the return on investment. The government’s answer is the Green Deal: a flagship scheme to help homeowners make their homes warmer, with little upfront costs.

How does it work?

1. You can get a loan for up to £10,000 to make improvements

2. Possible projects include loft and cavity wall insulation, new boilers, draft-proofing, and solar energy.

3. The Golden Rule – Improvements can be funded by the savings on your energy bill which will cover the payments on the loan, so you should be quids in if you can find the right deal.

4. For people on low incomes or harder to treat properties there will be an ECO subsidy

5. You stop paying if you move – the loan is attached to the house. If you move it will be paid off through the new homeowner’s electricity bills.

6. Cash-back scheme – early adopters can get a maximum of £1,000 per household. The best value option has to be cavity wall insulation where you will get £250 back on work that costs around £500.

No money upfront, a warmer house that is cheaper to heat? What’s not to like?

High interest rates.

You will be charged 6.9% upwards on your Green Deal loan, plus other costs and depending on how long you take the loan out for. This means that it could cost more than if you paid for the work in other ways – with cash, a personal loan, or extending your mortgage. So shop around.

Interested? What do I need to do?

It’s early days, there are still a few unknowns and it is a little complicated. But if you’re motivated to do your bit, be warmer and save some cash then:

Step 1. Contact a Green Deal assessor to assess your home. Their report – costing £90 to £150 – tells you the most cost effective ways to improve the efficiency of your home.

Step 2. Get a Green Deal loan from one of 25 different approved Green Deal Providers including British Gas and Npower. Don’t forget to shop around and be clear about what you’re signing up for. Once agreed, you will repay your loan via your energy bill, which your Green Deal Provider will arrange with your energy supplier.

Step 3. You then need to find an installer on the government’s approved list to do the work.

For more details go to the HomeOwners Alliance Green Deal Guide and be aware of what you’re signing up for.

The HomeOwners Alliance: providing independent advice and services to homeowners and aspiring homeowners. If you liked this advice, sign up the HomeOwners Alliance free monthly newsletter

This is a guest post and written by Angela Kerr at the HomeOwners Alliance: We’re on your side

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