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Scotish property: Unique property in Perthshire

The Property: A Grade A listed folly built around 1840

The Place: Keltneybridge, Kenmore, Perthshire PH15

The Price: OIEO £150,000

(Click on pics for full property details)


The Pain: Well, it’s in a pretty poor state and needs complete renovation – and that includes renewing the services (water, septic tank, mains electricity).

It’s Grade A listed – Grade I in England – so you will be restricted in what you can do.

The Scottish Offers Over system means it will probably fetch a lot more than £150,000 and the price of the renovation is estimated at around £60,000.

The Gain: This really is a one off – a unique and quirky home that looks a bit like a Chinese pavilion.

Some wonderful original features are still intact, notably the slate roof and the high piend-roofed portico at the front with undulating eaves and distinctive rustic log colonnades, painted in a striking red.

The underside of the portico is elaborately decorated and there are other unusual decorative elements in the stonework of the building. The agent reckons when finished it will be worth up to £250,000.

It’s most likely going to be a lifestyle purchase and would make a fantastic second home – the surrounding countryside is beautiful and there are numerous facilities to keep you entertained: nine and 18 hole golf courses, sailing and watersports, salmon and trout fishing on lochs and rivers, climbing and walking.

Rustic Lodge lies approximately 1.7 miles east of Kenmore, an 18th century planned settlement at the mouth of Loch Tay. The village provides local shopping, post office, hotel and church.

The Agent: Savills (Tel: 01738 477525)



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Go on, TemptMe!

We continue to receive great interest in our unique TemptMe! feature from both consumers and agents, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to explain, in greater detail, just why it is so interesting and innovative for buyers, owners and estate agents alike.


In short, our unique features such as TemptMe! and AskMe! are designed to drive greater efficiency and create more activity in the residential property market. By opening up channels of communication that don’t exist elsewhere and connecting users with information and other users, we continue to develop transaction opportunities that would otherwise not take place.


At any point in time around 4% of UK homes are on the market for sale. So what if your dream home is in the other 96%? Well, you could drive by it every day hoping to see a for sale board go up and you could even slip a note through the door asking the owner to call you. Or you can make an anonymous TemptMe! Offer on and be the first to know with an immediate alert when either the property is put on the market for sale or the owner lets us know that they might be tempted to sell. You can do nothing and leave your dream home as a dream or you can register interest in it on our website and try to make it a reality. Why limit yourself to a choice of one of the 4% when you can choose from any home in the country?


Happy where you are living with no intention of selling/moving for now or thought about moving for a while but never quite motivated enough to market your home for sale? That’s true of the vast majority of owners at any given time. But what if there were people out there who happened to love your home but you never found out about them as they just assumed you were point blank not interested in a conversation? Setting a no-obligations TemptMe! Price on is a great way to signal to the market that you are not a seller but, as with anything, you could perhaps be willing to have a conversation at a price – just let us know what that price is and if anyone expresses interest it is a great starting point for you to contact an agent (as 95% of our users do on receiving any interest via TemptMe!) to drum up more interest and maximise the price you get.


Imagine a world where you got a new instruction to sell a property and as well as looking through your files for buyers who ‘might’ be interested in that type of property, you have the ability to directly target buyers who have expressed an interest in that specific home. Well that exists today and it is called TemptMe!…we have ten of thousands of TemptMe! Offers where users have expressed interest in specific homes and indicated the prices that they might be willing to pay. As soon as you list one of your properties on, if we have any interest in it an email is automatically sent to anyone who has expressed interest. Equally exciting, we know for each of these users what type of homes they are interested in, where and how much they are willing to spend so have a unique ability to promote other ‘similar’ properties on your books to them.

On the other side, it would be pretty helpful as an agent to know which property owners in your area might be tempted to sell or are the most likely to sell in the coming months. allows you to see exactly which property owners have set TemptMe! Prices and whether they have realistic expectations, so that you can market directly to them accordingly or introduce potential buyers. This creates a unique opportunity for agents using to develop relationships with the sellers of tomorrow. A handful of agents have expressed concern that TemptMe! allows users to talk to each other, thereby cutting the agent out. Whilst it is true that we get strangers talking about deals that would otherwise never have happened, over 95% of owners contact an agent (mostly via our ‘recommended agents’ feature AskAnAgent) to handle the transaction following these introductions. Owners want to achieve the best price, agents help them do that and helps increase market activity by uncovering hidden transactions waiting to happen and generate further inventory/transactions for agents.

With tens of thousands of TemptMe! Prices and TemptMe! Offers already posted on our website and growing daily, we love the fact that we are driving new transactions in the market that would otherwise not have happened…putting buyers into their dream homes and getting owners motivated to think about selling if the price is right.

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Five To View: Sea Views

Oh, we all love to be beside the seaside, as the famous ditty goes, so this week we’re taking a look at properties with sea views.

Since we’re not short on coastal locations in Britain, being an island and all, we’ve focused our attention on the South West corner, namely Devon and Cornwall, both of which are famed for their stunning beaches.

Although we’ve include a couple of top-priced examples to drool over, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune for the privilege of being able to see the sea from the comfort of your own home.

Make the most of it, though, as a government plan has been mooted whereby extra council tax would be levied on properties with attractive views. Boo!

(Click on pics for full property details)

1. Torpoint, Cornwall

£1.5 million


2. Kingswear, Devon

£1.5 million (O.I.R.O.)


3. Preston, Devon



4. Newquay, Cornwall



5. Westward Ho!, Devon



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Property Premiums: What is the price of a beautiful Sea View

It’s no surprise to be told that a sea view will cost you. But how much more are vendors willing to pay?

The clever number-crunchers over at Savills have taken a look at the 12,000 sales that took place in Cornwall in 2008 and have come up with some very precise figures.

While there are significant variations around the average, depending on property type, location, and privacy, the heftiest premium is for detached properties within 100m of the coastline.

In 2008, these properties fetched a whopping average price of £525,168 while those between 100m and 250m from the coast averaged £460,585.

This means they come with premiums of as much as 85 per cent and 63 per cent respectively over comparable inland properties.

The premium often continues to be more than 50 per cent for properties between 100m and 250m of the coast, and although it tapers off beyond this distance there remains an average premium of 31 per cent within 1km of the coast.


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