Zoopla.co.uk gets One Million unique users!

Since launching in January 2008, we’ve been on a non-stop path to transform the UK online property sector.

Our latest milestone of 1.04m unique users achieved in August is an impressive statistic for a website launched only 18 months ago, even if we say so ourselves!

This figure, along with total visits in August (up 21% compared to July at 1.58million) and page views (up 26% standing at 12.4million), confirms both the growing popularity of Zoopla.co.uk and renewed market activity. It’s also worth pointing out that this happened during what is traditionally regarded as a quiet period for the property market.

In addition to the site traffic the good news for our agents is that this resulted in an increase in leads generated to agents in August of a whopping 51% over July.

Lastly, these figures are purely Zoopla.co.uk figures and haven’t been combined with any propertyfinder.com. When we combine the organic growth of Zoopla.co.uk with the traffic and leads generated by the websites we have recently acquired, we will have a very exciting proposition for agents to extend their reach and experience more value for their marketing spend as we continue to challenge some of the more established websites.

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FindaProperty.com’s Record-Breaking August: Thanks For Your Support!!

Our research team has just sent round some pretty amazing figures: in August the number of visitors to FindaProperty.com passed the three million mark.

The actual total was 3.1 million, a whopping 34.2 per cent year-on-year increase, and the highest monthly total since records began way back in 1997.

That means that in August one of you lovely people logged onto the site every 0.85 seconds – and we’re grateful to each and every one of you for your support.

Our sister site, FindaNewHome.com, also set a new record of 369,000 visitors, which was an impressive 57.8 per cent higher than last year.

We are, however, always working to improve the site and make your property hunt easier – our latest addition is User Notes on every property detail.

If you have any suggestions for other features we could add, please send them to:


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Five To View: Houseboats

So that’s it: summer appears to have gone for another year, before it even really arrived.

I say this after having been absolutely drenched twice yesterday – once on the way into work and again on the way home – followed by an evening of listening to relentless rain lashing against the windows.

Not surprisingly, the expression ‘batten down the hatches’ has subsequently been at the forefront of my mind.

So it got me to thinking, to coin a Carrie Bradshaw phrase, what would it be like to actually live in a houseboat during wintery weather like this?

I imagine it to be rather romantic, all cosied up and battened down against the elements – although I’m willing to concede that the reality may be somewhat different, particularly in gale-force winds.

But a fantasy’s a fantasy, so for this week’s Five to View, welcome to the wonderful world of floating homes that is houseboats.

(Click on pics for full property details)

1. Cadogan Pier, London SW3



2. Taggs Island, Hampton. Middlesex



3. Victoria Steps Quay, Brentford, Middlesex



4. Chertsey, Surrey



5. Southall, Middlesex



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Bloomframe Balcony

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

Why, ’tis Juliet on her new Bloomframe balcony.


Had Shakespeare been alive today, and living in Amsterdam, then it’s a dead cert that ‘Romeo and Juliet’ would have included a Bloomframe balcony scene (and more sex and drugs probably, but this is a family show, folks).

A whattyframe? A bloomingpardon?

Hush dear reader, read on and understand.

Winner of the 2009 Wallpaper* Design Award, and designed by Hofman Dujardin Architects, the Bloomframe is a simple and elegant fold out balcony designed for use in dense urban areas where outside space is of the premium.

Still confused? Here’s the video:

It’s a window *click* it’s a balcony *click* it’s a window. Genius!

It’s been written about before, but now it’s actually gone into production. So all you hi-rise dwellers, start saving your pennies and schmoozing your planning officers.

(via NotCot)

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Historial figure from Market Weighton in Yorkshire William Bradley’s Property is for sale.

I was browsing through the site the other day when I came across this: the former home of Giant William Bradley in the Yorkshire town of Market Weighton.

Who he? A quick Google of the name reveals that Bradley (b. 1787)  is the tallest British man that ever lived – he was a shade under eight feet tall, tipped the scales at 27 stone, and wore shoes that were 15 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

It wouldn’t be easy being that tall now, but back in the eighteenth century it was even tougher, and the story of his life is a sad one.

Former home of Giant William Bradleygiant1

Bradley was teased, and feared, as a child, became a farm labourer as an adult and later toured successfully with a travelling show, his appearances alongside Edward Calvet, a dwarf from Shiptonthorpe, attracting huge interest and large crowds.

Ripped off by the show’s manager, he then toured on his own, checking into local hotels and charging people a shilling to call and see him. King George III paid him a call in Windsor and presented him with a gold chain.

He eventually retired to his home town where he had a house specially built to accommodate his massive frame. It’s currently up for sale and retains many of the original features.

The doors are wider, the ceilings are taller, there’s a large marble fireplace, and a special bedroom, named the long room, that was designed to house his huge bed.

Bradley suffered ill health in later life, and his years on the road as a sideshow freak clearly took a psychological toll: he became a recluse, hid from people who came to gawk at him and requested a dawn funeral in a bid to avoid crowds.

They came anyway, and he had to be interred inside the church for fear that grave robbers would steal his body.

Bradley has enjoyed posthumous fame in Market Weighton. They hold an annual William Bradley festival and have recently erected a statue in his honour. The house features a plaque bearing the imprint of his enormous boot.

Giant Bradley’s house is being sold by Hornseys, Market Weighton (Tel: 0843 2820 79)

Click pics for full detailsgiant3



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