Keep Calm And Carry On

During WWII the Ministry of Information printed bright red signs with this ‘chin up’ message.

Now a Tunbridge Wells estate agent has dusted one off and placed it in his front window.

Full marks, we say, to the folks at  Alexandre Boyes for their wry sense of humour … and well done, too, for a clever piece of marketing in the midst of the downturn.

All we need now is for Girls Aloud to release a cover version of “We’ll Meet Again”…

Altogether now…

We’ll move again, don’t know where, don’t know when,

But I know we’ll move again, some sunny day.

Keep smiling through, just like you always do,

‘Til the billions drive the credit crunch away.

For more old WWII posters from the MoI, check out National Archives: The Art of War

October 10, 2008 at 5:34 PM 2 comments

My! How We’ve Grown

In honour of their 10th birthday Google are offering their earliest searchable database from 2001. (So what happened to the 1998-2000 databases eh? Did the cleaner throw them out?)

Anyway, I did a search for ‘’ just to see, curious like, and my! How we’ve grown!

Way back in the day, we had a mere 26,158 properties advertised by just 559 agents, but as of today, oh, only 614,938 properties for sale and rent from 9,094 estate agents.


Then: in 2001

And now: in 2008

The Google results count has changed somewhat as well.

  • In 2001 there was a grand total of 4230 results for a ‘’ search
  • Today there are a whopping 1,870,000 results – so a big up to our SEO team! Woop! Woop!

But before we adorn ourselves with laurel wreaths, here’s a sign of the times. Guess who, in 2001, had 953,000 results on Google but now has 41,600,000?*

Britney, Britney, Britney… what have we done to you?

(* with Safesearch on, workplace computers and all that)

October 10, 2008 at 4:08 PM 1 comment

Big Brother House Attacked By Zombies

Here at Winging It, we’re all big fans of Charlie Brooker, the highly amusing Guardian columnist.

We also love Big Brother.  Okay, okay, that’s actually just me; the others have more refined tastes, if you overlook their unshakeable devotion to Kevin McCloud.

So it was a happy day – for me, anyway – when I read that Charlie, master of pithy penmanship and brilliantly vivid flights of fancy – has written a TV series set in the Big Brother House.

The premise is something like this: the UK becomes overrun by zombies but, locked away from the outside world, the BB housemates are utterly ignorant.

Sorry, par for the course – the BB housemates are utterly ignorant of the situation.

So in a bizarre twist of fate, this turns the Big Brother House into a place where even sensible people are clamouring to enter.  Not for long, though, because an eviction night is looming…

Brooker describes the series thusly: “‘Dead Set’ isn’t an out-and-out comedy, but an unashamedly populist horror-thriller with blackly comic undertones.

“Think ’24′ with zombies. And housemates. And gore.”

‘Dead Set’ is due to start on E4 later this month, and features cameos from some former real-life contestants; is it bad to hope that they come to suitably gruesome fictional endings?

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Time To Start Buying Again?

When markets fall people get nervous, sit on the sidelines and wait for things to bottom out.

Calling the low point of a market is, however, very tricky, which is why most experts will tell you that the best possible scenario is to buy close to the bottom – better to make a small short-term loss than to be on the wrong side of the upswing.

Yesterday’s announcements on interest rates and mortgage funding are good news for the housing market, but are they enough to convince people that the worst is over?

[poll id="7"]

October 9, 2008 at 12:28 PM 6 comments

Beware Of The Hamster

HamsterThe latest example of Elf & Safety gone mad is the news that young children shouldn’t be allowed to keep hamsters as pets.

And it’s not just the humble hamster that’s been deemed a dangerous health hazard; also in the firing line are lizards, turtles and hedgehogs.

Fair play re: hedgehogs, given that they’re formed almost entirely of spikes.

And I can’t really see turtles or lizards topping my list of suitable household pets for children, either.

But, seriously, where’s the harm in hamsters? I had one when I was little; so did my brother; my best friend – oh, the horror! – had two.

As far as I’m aware, we’ve all made it into adulthood with no discernible side effects from our time spent looking after these little furry creatures.

The anti-hamster argument, which comes from a report by the American Academy of Paediatrics, is that they carry germs.  (And kids don’t?!)

So, because children spend a lot of time chewing on their fingers, they’re more likely to ingest said germs, yada yada yada.

The good news, however, is that once a child reaches the age of five their immune system is better able to cope with potential risks from dastardly rodents.

Ah – but then they have to go to school…and who knows what dangers lurk there?

October 7, 2008 at 4:25 PM 2 comments

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