Apprentice House For Sale

Psssst! Fancy a sneak preview of the new Apprentice house?

Well, come with us, fellow fans, to Bloomsbury’s Bedford Square, and catch a glimpse of the snazzy Georgian townhouse where next year’s contestants will soon be ensconced:


Suitably impressive exterior, huh?  And here’s a list of what we think are Potentially Fabulous Features (in TV terms):

Outstanding Master Bedroom:

Cue the catfights when the contestants clamour for a place in the ultra swanky bedroom with its acres of space, double shower and raised bath. My money’s on one (or maybe two?) of the girls.

Two Internal Self-Contained Flats:

Ideal for canoodling couples hoping to be the new Phil and Kate.  Also a great place to imprison the inevitable pompous ex-public schoolboy.

Swimming Pool & Spa:

A perfect excuse for lingering camera shots of the more aesthetically pleasing contestants as they frolic in skimpy attire.  And potential humiliation for the rest of the bunch.

Hi-Tech Games Room:

Stand well back and watch the testosterone fly. And I’m not just talking about the boys.  Bound to bring about a few battles of the sexes – or just battles, full stop.

Grand Piano:

No doubt there’ll ‘just happen’ to be at least one of the new intake who’s been classically trained in tinkling the ivories. Let’s just pray they’re no relation to Tara PT.


The Bedford Square property is currently on the market for £11.25 million through Savills in Hampstead (0843 2821 600).

The new series of The Apprentice is due to start in March 2010 on BBC1.





October 13, 2009 at 5:06 PM 12 comments

Rent The Flat From ‘The Verve’ Video

Back in 1997 popular beat combo The Verve wrote themselves into rock history with their acclaimed third album, Urban Hymns.

It’s probably best know for the anthemic “Bitter Sweet Symphony” and the equally cheery “The Drugs Don’t Work” but Richard Ashcroft was obviously in a happier mood when he wrote “Lucky Man”, the third single …maybe the drugs had started to work by then?

Why am I telling you this? Because, music fans, you can now rent the amazing flat that featured in the “Lucky Man” video. It was designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership and is, apparently, a particularly fine example of the High Tech style.


High Tech, it seems, means big and shiny, lots of steel and glass, industrial pipes and girders and plenty of severe black chairs.

In the video Ashcroft rambles down that incredible staircase, strums his guitar, looks out the windows, and trys, without much success, to encourage the rest of the band to stop lounging around and pitch in. No wonder they kept splitting up.

Anyway, the tenant who moves in here will need to stump up £6,933 pcm for the privilege. Lucky indeed…

Click the Youtube pic to see the video – embedding is restricted so we can’t show it here.



October 12, 2009 at 9:24 AM 2 comments

Five To View: Georgian Townhouses

An architectural classic this week: the Georgian Townhouse.

Of course, given that there were several King Georges, the Georgian period lasted for well over a hundred years, starting – logically – with George I’s reign, which began in 1714, and ending with the death of George IV in 1830.

Styles of architecture changed during this long period, naturally, but there are several hallmarks of the quintessential Georgian townhouse that we still recognise today, such as the double hung sash windows, hooded entrances and decorative fanlights above the front door.

Admittedly, their timeless elegance doesn’t come cheap – but these desirable properties tend to hold their value well.  Here are five fine examples to drool over:

(Click on pics for full property details)

1. Bloomsbury, London WC1



2. Clifton, Bristol



3. Bath



4. Clifton, Bristol



5. Chester



October 8, 2009 at 5:26 PM 1 comment

Eco-Sheds For Funky First-Time Buyers

We like a nice homely shed here at Winging It, but we’re also partial to a bit of upmarket architectural eye-candy, so imagine our delight when we discovered that some genius has created a super cool, Kevin McCloud approved … shed for living!

We haven’t been this thrilled by a design ‘solution’ since eglu applied a bit of i-Mac styling to the humble chicken coop. Could it really live up to our fevered expectations?

And, more to the point, could it live up to its own billing as “individual low-cost student or key-worker accommodation, or an ideal house for a first-time buyer”?

Said shed, or dwelle, as designers FKDA architects have branded it, is zero carbon, off-grid, and cleverly compact.

It has underfloor heating, a wood-burning fireplace, newspaper insulation (Guardian, I’m guessing!) and a streamlined barn conversion aesthetic. It looks like this:


I think it’s pretty cool, and at £35,000-£50,000 for the largest version, you can’t really quibble about the price – even if, as we all well know, the biggest problem with this will be finding an affordable site to put it on.

Still, hats off to FKDA for an imaginative and good-looking response to the plight of the FTB. And well done to Grand Designs Live for showcasing it this weekend.

If you want to take a closer look, go see dwelle at Grand Designs Live, Birmingham, where it will feature alongside a couple of other very cool eco- and micro-homes in the Grand Village.




October 7, 2009 at 4:06 PM 4 comments

Interior Design Insipration: Dual Aspect Windows

I came across a property the other day advertised with “duel aspect windows” (sic).

I was immediately put in mind of the incident when Lord Sash-Windowe famously called out Major P.V.C. Casement for suggesting he’d defenestrated his wife …


Both parties were injured, the local constabulary was called and the case eventually went to court where the judge recorded … an open verdict.


October 7, 2009 at 2:36 PM 1 comment

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