Five To View: A Lotto Property in Cirencester

Euromillions lottery winners Nigel Page, 43, and his partner Justine Laycock, 41

Hot property: Nigel Page, 43, and his partner Justine Laycock, 41

Last week’s Euromillions result sparked off hypothetical “What would you do with that much money?” conversations across the nation but particularly in Cirencester, the home town of winners Nigel Page and Justine Laycock –  where local agents will no doubt be hoping they buy their post-win home.

So, you lucky couple, don’t up sticks and move to Monaco, Marbella, or some other millionaires’ paradise. There’s plenty to offer buyers with unlimited budgets in and around the town. Here’s five to view.

(Click on pics for more images & full property details)




Price £2,500,000


Price £1,950,000


Price £1,500,000


Price £1,250,000

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Why is a Brighton Grand Design being sold so soon?

Fans of Channel 4 TV show Grand Designs will recognise this super-shiny new modernist home in Brighton, which featured on our screens in April last year. But I’m surprised it’s on the market – for £3.5 million – quite so soon as I had thought the creators – local couple Barry and Julie Surtees – were going to live in the thing rather than sell it off.

The sale is also a surprise given the levels of pain the couple went through  in front of the Channel 4 cameras (and Kevin McCloud’s withering wit) to get the project finished.

But is it a liveable space? I have to admit that many of these ultra-clever, uber-contemporary properties leave me a bit cold – they just don’t seem particularly homely – but there are some pleasingly quirky elements that do tickle my Bauhaus-style fancy.

Take the fourth-floor living area called ‘the pod’, for example, with its brightly coloured, super-sized sofas and that motorbike on the wall; although I’m not sure if Kevin McCloud would have approved of such ‘mass market’ frivolity.

But it’s the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows that I really love – and I’m astonished that Surtees can bear to leave those incredible views behind.

For more information, call Hamptons International (Brighton and Hove) on 0843 2816 026.

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Couple cause a stir by adopting pink colour on parish house after planning permission rejected.

A couple in the picturesque Worcestershire parish of Acton Beauchamp have stirred up a colourful storm by giving their property a bright pink makeover, prompting complaints from neighbours keener on sober hues.

Residents in the parish have been grumbling to officials that the home of James Hall and his wife, which is famed locally for its pink frontage, is out of place among the predominantly black and white exteriors of local homes.

Having only recently applied for retrospective planning permission – the house was painted in its ‘Rose Madder’ shade of pink two years ago – the Halls were turned down and ordered by the local council to return their walls to a non-controversial white.

Supermodel Jordan embrances pink

Jordan: Pretty in pink, but would she paint her home that colour?

But Mrs Hall, who bought the house with her husband in 1984, told a newspaper: “This paint colour was not chosen willy-nilly or on a whim. We didn’t wake up one morning and say ‘Ooh I feel like Jordan, let’s paint our house pink’.”

Clearly not a pair to be defeated, however, the couple have now lodged an appeal to have their 400-year old property de-listed, which, if granted, would allow them continue living in the pink.

And as fellow resident of a brightly coloured house – mine is a pretty peach shade – I’m hoping the couple come out smelling of, well, roses.

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How LIVE property auctions on work

As we write, there are less than 4 days till our first LIVE auction.

Traditionally property auctions have been for investors and developers. However our auctions are designed for everyone including buyers, sellers and agents. Home hunters can now search properties for sale several weeks in advance at, arrange viewings with the relevant estate agents and then place online bids during the live four day auction period. At the end of the live period, the successful bidders will exchange contracts online.

The first LIVE auction starts on February 11th at 12:00 pm and bidding runs for four days.

Here’s an overview of how Zoopla’s online property auctions work in seven easy steps.



Find auction properties that are of interest to you.


Create a profile and register for the auction you wish to bid in. This is a very important step and will ensure you are notified of any changes or additions to the auction.

Separate registration must be undertaken for each auction you wish to bid in. Registration is fast, free and simple.


Do your research. We advise going to see the property prior to bidding. Relevant documents (including HIPs and Legal documentation) are available to download for each property on the property details page to assist you.


Arrange your financing prior to bidding. Further information is available within the finance tab, or you may wish to arrange your own.


Contact the estate agent to arrange a viewing and inspect each property you intend to bid on. If you wish to have a survey carried out on the property  you’ll need to coordinate with the estate agent marketing the property. The contact details for the the agent can be found within the property listing details.

6. BID

All bidding takes place online from Thursday to Sunday.

There are multiple bidding strategies. Either bid the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the property or monitor the auction very closely and bid in increments competitively as the auction progresses

Remember, a Buyer’s Premium is equal to 2% of the winning bid amount. VAT will be added to establish the total purchase price.

Example: the winning bid = £100,000. A buyer’s premium of £2,000 (2% of £100,000) and VAT of £350 is added to make the total purchase price = £102,350.


If you are the winning bidder, you will receive a ‘Winning Bidder Confirmation’ via email. If required, a customer service representative will assist with the documentation process and explain the specifics of the sale.

Be prepared to complete the contract and transfer the balance of your 10% deposit within 48 hours of the auction close.

A full set of frequently asked questions can be found here.

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Best and Worst Celebrity Neighbours Revealed

Most Desired Celebrity Neighbour

Least Desired Celebrity Neighbour

When it comes to the value of your home, celebrity neighbours can both add to and detract from property values in a neighbourhood. Our 2010 Celebrity Neighbour Survey makes it clear who would be welcomed and who wouldn’t.

Prolific twitterer and ‘national treasure’ Stephen Fry, who lives in West Hampstead, London where the average value of a detached house is £854,266, has been crowned as the celebrity the nation would most like to share a fence with.

In second place was the nation’s newly crowned ‘sweetheart’ Cheryl Cole who lives in footballers favourite Oxshott, Surrey where average property values are £1,202,774.  Completing the top five choices for best neighbours were Location, Location’s Kirstie Allsopp, pukka chef Jamie Oliver and Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson.

Respondents made it clear that being ‘noisy’ and ‘disruptive’ top the list of things that make a bad neighbour and voted Pete Doherty as their least desirable celebrity neighbour – a more unpopular choice than Nick Griffin.

What’s interesting is that it’s likely that the Babyshambles rocker doesn’t have any immediate neighbours anyway. He currently resides in a nine-bedroomed red-brick Georgian house on the outskirts of Marlborough, Wiltshire where the average value of a detached house is £466,781.

Doherty fought off fierce competition from Rehab singer Amy Winehouse who no doubt experienced some ‘for sale’ signs going up in a hurry last year in the leafy suburb of Hadley Wood in Barnet (average value of a detatched house in Barnet: £875,984) when she announced she was moving in.

Politically speaking…

As a possible sign of things to come in May, the nation has made clear which political figure they would prefer as a neighbour in 2010 with David Cameron (who, when not in London lives in Dean, Oxfordshire where average property values are: £646,523) making the list of ten most desirable neighbours, while Gordon Brown features as one of the ten least desirable. However, BNP leader Nick Griffin (Welshpool, average property values: £175,537) outstrips all other politicians in terms of unpopularity, capturing almost 10% of the votes as the celebrity people would least like to find next door.

Sitting on the fence…

Following his recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother, Vinnie Jones appears to have split the nation in terms of whether he would make a good neighbour, with 3.2% of voters saying he would not be their choice of a desirable neighbour and 3.8% voting for him as someone they would like to have living next door. Similar sentiment surrounds Gordon Ramsay (Wandsworth, London, average value for a detached property: £854,266) who appears to be the Marmite of neighbours, with an almost equal number of people voting both for and against him as someone they would want on their street.

What was pleasing to see was that, as a nation, we seem to know our neighbours with only 7.9% of respondents claiming to not know who is on the other side of the fence and in some ways contradictory, the two traits that were overwhelmingly stated as making a good neighbour were ‘keeping an eye on our property’ and ‘minding their own business’!


Celebrity % of votes
Stephen Fry 26.1%
Cheryl Cole 14.7%
Kirstie Allsopp 9.6%
Jamie Oliver 9.2%
Jeremy Clarkson 7.6%
Gok Wan 5.3%
Prince William 5.1%
Vinnie Jones 3.8%
Ricky Gervais 3.4%
David Cameron 3.2%


Celebrity % of votes
Pete Doherty 16.4%
Amy Winehouse 15.7%
Katie Price 12.8%
Nick Griffin 9.2%
Gordon Brown 6.6%
Jedward 6.3%
Kerry Katona 6.2%
Ozzy Osbourne 4.8%
Vinnie Jones 3.2%
Gordon Ramsay 2.1%

Photo credits:

Pete Doherty / Title: Press Images / Artist: Peter Doherty / Photographer: Kevin Westenberg / Date: December 2008 / Copyright: Kevin Westenberg

Stephen Fry / Photographer: Claire Newman Williams

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