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Here’s a staggering statistic for you – property searches on were conducted at the rate of one every 0.46 seconds in 2009. With 86,400 seconds in a day, that’s a huge amount of searches taking place across the site on a daily basis.

However, previously for sale and to rent searches on have predominantly been sorted by location, price, type and number of beds…until now.

From today, you can now search property listings on by any keyword you want! That’s right, any keyword relevant to you – garage, studio, parking and so on.

After running a location search (in this instance Bedford) the ‘Refine for sale search’ box will appear on the right hand side of the ‘for sale‘ and ‘to rent’ results.

Within this box (see image below) a new field called ‘Keywords’ appears just below ‘Price’. It looks like this (take a look at the image below):

Here’s an example of the search results for properties for sale with a garage in Bedford – 297 results in total to choose from:


Results for 'garage' as keyword


You can also search for exact phrases by using quotation marks e.g. “double garage”, or to exclude a term you can prefix it with ‘-‘ e.g. -studio.

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There’s A Rat In The Kitchen

Nightmare-inducing statistics* from Rentokil warn that increased numbers of rats are invading British homes to find some respite from the wintery weather conditions.

It appears that the much-reviled creatures are just as opposed to snow, sleet and freezing temperatures as we are, and have been burrowing their way into our centrally heated houses to keep warm and dry.

So, how do you cut down the risk of a rodent invasion?  Rule number one, says Rentokil, is: don’t leave rubbish outside your home.

This, it would seem, is the rat equivalent of placing a red carpet on your pathway and a great big WELCOME! banner over your door.

Secondly, make sure that you seal any holes or gaps in your house, particularly around pipes, and repair or replace broken drain covers.

Rats only need minimal entry space and – yikes! – can even emerge from sewer systems. (Yes, I’d thought that was an urban myth too.)

If you’re concerned that you may be unwillingly co-habiting with a colony of rats, Rentokil have a handy “Signs of a Rat Problem” section on their website, as well as some excellent rat-busting advice.

*Rentokil saw a 34 per cent rise in rodent-related callouts between Jan 07-Dec 07 and Jan 08-Dec 08.

In 2009, local councils were called out to deal with 700,000 infestations, compared with 650,000 the previous year.

January 15, 2010 at 6:38 PM 5 comments reaches number two as it turns two! is officially two years old today.

That alone is great news, but we’ve also had some other exciting news – we’re now the number two most popular property website in the UK, according to industry (Nielsen) statistics for November and December.

Below are a few major milestones from the last 12 months which (not wishing to blow our own trumpet) we think makes pretty astonishing progress so far.

So, we’d like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who continue to support us. We really value your feedback, word of mouth support and input to the site. Please keep it coming.

Key milestones in 2009 for

January – raised a further £3.75m bring total raised to £5.5m

February – launched for sale and rental agent listings product

July – acquired from Guardian Media Group

August – acquired PropertyFinder Group from News International

October – named ‘Best Property Portal 2009′ (Daily Mail UK Property Awards)

November – completed integration of acquisitions onto single platform

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Five To View: Homes With Wine Cellars

All this hideous weather we’ve been having lately has turned me into a complete homebody.

Normally, I’d be going slightly stir crazy if I had to stay in every night but that’s not been the case at all; I’m perfectly content to be cosied up with a large glass of warming wine in my hand.

Indeed, it’s that winning combination – home comforts plus the joys of wine – which has influenced this week’s property choice: homes with wine cellars.

Here are our top five delectable dwellings, all of which come complete with wine cellar:

(Click on pics for more images & full property details)

1. Regent’s Park, London NW1


4-bedroom house, Regent's Park, London NW1. On sale with Knight Frank at £7,995,000 – Tel: 0843 2829 560 (BT 4p/min)

2. Barnet, Herts.


7-bedroom house, Barnet, Hertfordshire. On sale with Savills at £6,500,000 – Tel: 0843 2822 125 (BT 4p/min)

3. The Chapel, London NW7


3-bedroom house, Mill Hill, London NW7. On sale with Godfrey Barr at £2,500,000 – Tel: 0843 2832 258 (BT 4p/min)

4. Derby, Derbyshire


6-bedroom house, Derby, Derbyshire. On sale with Scargill Mann & Co. at £725,000 – Tel: 0843 2822 342 (BT 4p/min)

5. Madeley, Cheshire


4-bedroom house, Madeley, Cheshire. On sale with Cheshire Lamont at £650,000 – Tel: 0843 2837 113 (BT 4p/min)

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Darwin and Wedgewood, Properties of historial figures for sale.

Feast your eyes on this handsome 18th century mansion house in the heart of Kent’s idyllic countryside, which can claim two impressive links to both ceramic and evolutionary history.

1. It once belonged to Sarah Wedgwood, daughter of Josiah Wedgwood, the man credited with making the Staffordshire pottery industry – and his surname – into a world-renowned brand.

2. Sarah’s sister, Emma, was married to Charles Darwin and lived nearby in Downe House, now a museum about and shrine to the discoverer of evolution.

How thrilling to have been a dinner party guest when the owner’s brother-in-law dropped in to say hello… and just imagine the delightful tableware.

7-bedroom house, Downe, Kent, £2,399,500. On sale through Savills, Locksbottom – 0843 2822 039 (BT 4p/min)

7-bedroom house, Downe, Kent, £2,399,500. On sale through Savills, Locksbottom – 0843 2822 039 (BT 4p/min)

7-bedroom house, Downe, Kent, £2,399,500. On sale through Savills, Locksbottom – 0843 2822 039 (BT 4p/min)

7-bedroom house, Downe, Kent, £2,399,500. On sale through Savills, Locksbottom – 0843 2822 039 (BT 4p/min)

7-bedroom house, Downe, Kent, £2,399,500. On sale through Savills, Locksbottom – 0843 2822 039 (BT 4p/min)

7-bedroom house, Downe, Kent, £2,399,500. On sale through Savills, Locksbottom – 0843 2822 039 (BT 4p/min)

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