Five to View: energy efficient homes

Yesterday, April 22, was Earth Day.  If you’re not familiar with it, Earth Day is designed to raise awareness of energy issues such as green building, organic agriculture and responsible environmental practices, and is celebrated in almost 200 countries across the globe.

This year marks the 40 th year of Earth Day, so we thought we’d honour the occasion by focusing on energy efficient houses and highlighting their green credentials.

And, as demonstrated perfectly by our Welsh example, eco-friendly houses needn’t cost the earth – literally or figuratively.

(Click on pics for more images & full property details)

1. Purley, Surrey. Price: £2,490,000

Green credentials: climate control under floor heating; central vacuum system; solar panels augmenting the heating and hot water systems.

2. Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Price: £1,050,000

Green credentials: Heating system through an ecologically friendly soil heat pump which uses renewable energy and has no local greenhouse gas emissions; excellent use of natural light; under floor heating.

3. South Hams, Devon. Price: £895,000

Green credentials: Geo-thermal heat pump system for hot water and under floor heating; garden room uses a woodburner on a slate hearth.

4. West Chiltington, West Sussex. Price: £795,000

Green credentials: Timber clad elevations and triple glazed hardwood framed windows provide a high level of insulation, making it exceptionally energy efficient.

5. Llanwrda, Wales. Price: £275,000

Green credentials: Built to exacting Ecohome standards with Biotech wood pellet boiler; solar panels; excellent insulation; Argon filled double glazing; low energy consumption lighting.

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Zoopla Helps: How to display house prices on your website

Keeping up-to-date with the latest house prices in a desired area is essential for all house-hunters, but knowing how prices have changed over the last few months is invaluable and for rental tenants, determining current rental prices of same size properties forms the first step of the property search process.

After lots of hard work we now offer this sought-after house price information to website owners in the form of a shiny new widget!

The House Price Widget displays asking price data for both flats and houses in any UK town or county, plus you can select either a sales or rental widget, which integrates simply into any website.

What’s more, the widget presents asking price changes for the last 90 days in both graph and tabular formats. The graph has been especially designed to be easy to read at a glance and features clickable data points, so the user can find out precisely how much the average asking price of a flat or house was in that area on a specific date.

Houses Ave. Price % Change
Flats Ave. Price % Change
90 days average house prices

Houses for Sale

Berkshire Rental Prices
Houses Ave. Price % Change
Flats Ave. Price % Change
90 days average rental prices

Homes to Rent

The average asking price data is drawn from the extensive database of properties listed on – the widget takes a daily snapshot of the prices at which properties are advertised on the website for the last 90 days and then plots them on the graph.

How much does it cost?

The widget is completely free.

How do add it to my site?

All you need is the HTML code to paste into your web page, which we will send to you.

The benefits

Be it for a blog or website, we believe our widget brings an informative, entertaining and visual element to your user experience.

House prices remain one of the British public’s favourite topics of conversation and our house price widget will enable your users to track asking prices in their local area. If students or other tenant groups are your main users, you can track rental prices independently.

Our development team have ensured that the house price widget, which bears the well-known logo, is quickly updated automatically every 24 hours, so all you need to do is install the code once!

Request the House Price Widget

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Downing Street residences drop £462,420 to £4.5m under Brown

10 Downing Street is one of the most exclusive addresses in the country, with a valuation to match. It is more than likely that Number 10 is one of the few properties that will never come on to the property market and it takes millions of votes to secure the keys. Messrs Cameron and Clegg clearly have a struggle on their hands to wrestle those keys from Mr Brown who has been a Downing Street resident for twelve years now and will be very reluctant to call in the removal men.

So, with just over two weeks to go, the race is on amongst the party leaders to get their hands on a piece of prime real estate in the heart of London (SW1A) which we value at £4.5m. It’s worth noting that this figure is only for the official residential digs in Downing Street – which consists of 3,800 sq ft. Yes, surprisingly small.

Here are some other interesting facts relating to the official residences on Downing Street:

  • Winner will enjoy rent-free living which would otherwise run to £4,250 per week
  • Value of PM’s residence has dropped by £462,420 during Brown’s occupancy
  • Under Blair, Downing Street residence grew in value by avg. of over £335k p.a.
  • Brown and Major tenures reduced value versus growth under Blair and Thatcher
  • Stamp Duty  bill (if on open market) would be a whopping £225k (5% from April 2011)

In light of the current deficit the next Chancellor may be well advised to think about selling up and moving his boss’ official residence to one of the other Downing Streets across Britain. The most cost-effective move for taxpayers would be to Downing Street in Sutton-In-Ashfield where the average property costs £50,853. Alternatively, if commuting to Westminster is essential for the PM, a move to Downing Street in Farnham, Surrey, where the average property price is £253,528 would help pay down more than £4m of the budget deficit.

If there is a change in leadership over the next few weeks, Gordon Brown is likely to drop quite a few rungs on the property ladder as house prices in his own constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath are amongst the lowest in the land at an average of £120,910 versus his current address in SW1 where average house prices are £920,361.

Cameron and Clegg will both be keen to upgrade to SW1 from their own constituencies where current values are £289,686 and £219,136 respectively.

Changes in value of official residential digs at 10 Downing Street, SW1A

Leader Arrival Value Departure Value Value  change Years in office Av. change p.a
Brown Years £5,037,251 £4,574,831 -£462,420 2.9 -£165,150
Blair Years £1,644,558 £5,037,251 £3,392,693 10.10 £335,910
Major Years £1,804,952 £1,644,558 -£160,394 6.5 -£24,676
Thatcher years £692,602 £1,804,952 £1,112,350 11.6 £96,726


Take a look at our recent post on how the leaders, constituencies and parties perform from a property perspective.

Please feel free to share and use these figures; all we ask is that you credit the source as the and if possible link to

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Five to view: properties in parkland

If there’s one thing that sets Britain apart from the rest of the world, it’s our magnificent grand gardens and estates. No matter that they were often paid for with fortunes amassed by Victorian industrialist using cheap labour – more that despite this we now have one of the the world’s most enviable collections of grand estate homes and gardens.

The world now celebrates Britain as the crucible of garden design on a grand design – so more moving lakes, planting new forests and remodelling hills than re-arranging borders – and of course  the most famous was Launcelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

So if you might like to own a stunning piece of 18th or 19th century garden design rather than talk or read about it, then here are five delightful parkland properties to stroll through.

(Click on pics for more images & full property details)

1. Polegate, East Sussex


Price: £5,250,000

2. Ottershaw, Surrey


Price: £4,995,000

3. Sevenoaks, Kent


Price: £4,000,000

4. Hockworthy, Somerset


Price: £2,250,000

5. Beneden, Kent


Price: £1,250,000

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ELECTION 2010: Political Party Property Values

David Cameron visits Spear by conservativeparty. PM talks to Lauren Laverne by Downing Street
David Cameron Gordon Brown Nick Clegg

Unlike the election outcome, which is unclear for now, our research into political property values reveals that the Tories rule in the property stakes with average property values in their constituencies significantly above those in Labour controlled areas. Interestingly, despite the fact that there are far fewer homes in areas under their control today, the Tories still have an equal share of the UK’s property wealth, due largely to their strong presence in affluent rural areas and the south east of England in particular.

Some may say this is not totally unexpected, but when you look at the detail there are actually 4.5million more homes under Labour control (11.7m total) compared to 7.2m properties in Conservative constituencies with the Lib Dems some way behind with 2.2m homes.

The Key Points:

  • Average house prices in Conservative areas 53% higher than Labour
  • Property values in Tory constituencies £89,500 higher than Labour on average
  • Average house prices in Tory constituencies £257,500 vs. £168,000 for Labour
  • Lib Dem seats show highest growth in property values over the past 5 years
  • Gordon Brown’s own constituency amongst the lowest property values in UK

Average house prices in Tory-controlled areas now stand at £257,518, followed by Lib Dem constituencies where the average home is worth £228,880, whilst Labour comes in a distant third at £168,112, with property values in areas under their control at almost 20% below the national average.

Average property values in each party’s constituencies

Party Average Value
(April 2010)
% Change since last election
(May ’05)
Average Value when Labour came to power
(May ’97)
Conservatives £257,518 7.82% £92,392
Liberal Democrats £228,880 10.24% £78,813
Labour £168,112 7.99% £60,567


The research also highlights that Labour-controlled constituencies have experienced the lowest gains in property values since they came to power in 1997, with house price growth in areas under their control up 177% over the 13 year period compared to 179% in Tory areas and an impressive 190% in areas under Lib Dem control.

As for the party leaders own constituencies, the average property value in Gordon Brown’s Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath seat is £120,910, well below both the average for his party and the national average. Average property prices in Witney, the Oxfordshire seat of David Cameron, stand at almost 2.5 times that figure at £289,686, well above the national average (£209,101) whilst in Nick Clegg’s Sheffield Hallam constituency, the average home would set you back £219,136.

Average property values in each leader’s constituency

Leader Average Value
(April 2010)
% Change since last election
(May ’05)
Average Value when Labour came to power
(May ’97)
David Cameron £289,686 12.30% £98,756
Nick Clegg £219,136 5.14% £79,857
Gordon Brown £120,910 18.57% £38,691


In terms of the total current value of residential property located in areas controlled by each party, the Tories and Labour come out almost exactly neck and neck at £1.9 trillion each, despite Labour’s significant advantage of 11.7m homes in areas under their control compared to only 7.2m homes in Conservative areas. The total value of the 2.2m homes in areas under the control of the Liberal Democrats stands at £0.5 trillion.

Please feel free to share and use this research; all we ask is that you credit the source as the and if possible link to Thank you. Here’s the original press release.

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