‘Ferris Bueller’ home for sale and Matthew Broderick buys home



We’ve just spotted on Mirror Celebs that Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are moving from their Manhattan townhouse. It’s thought they have bought a bigger property in New York City to make way for the arrival of twin girls, due in July.

However, far more exciting is that the house used in the legendary 80′s film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, in which Broderick plays Ferris, has been put up for sale. We first spotted this on Zillow.com, the US online real estate service it is listed on.

Ferris Bueller's house

Ferris Bueller's house

So, if you think you can skip school / work and get away with it, like Ferris (although we’re not suggesting that you do, despite today’s lovely weather in the UK), you’ll need a spare £1.43million ($2.3million) to purchase this four-bedroomed, glass-walled tree house made famous in John Hughes’ cult classic.

Ferris Bueller's house

If you look closely at the photo above (all courtesy of sudlersothebysrealty.com), you can see the restored 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California that Ferris convinced Cameron to let them use to travel into Chicago. Don’t worry, we’re told the glass window that Cameron accidentally sends his father’s vintage Ferrari through has been replaced!

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Buyers Snap Up Boscombe Beach Pods

When I heard that Bournemouth Council was launching a retro-styled ‘beach pod’ development in Boscombe (designed by Wayne Hemingway) I had my doubts.

The beach pods are basically beach huts in Overstrand, a restored 1950s building – and who, in this market (who in their right mind!), would  fork out £65-90,000 for a place with a 25-year lease that they can’t even sleep in?

Surely, I mused, the beach hut boom has gone the way of the housing boom and been washed away in a squall of dire financial weather?


Well, it appears not. Five hundred people registered ahead of the launch on May 15th and a hundred of them turned up on the day, chequebooks at the ready.

“We launched 12 doubles, 20 singles and four end pods on the day and sold all the doubles,” says Glynn Evans of Savill’s Bournemouth office.  “We weren’t sure how it would go, but it was a great success.”

Who bought them? “A real mixture – a local family with kids, celebrities from London, a retired couple, a surfing couple from Sandbanks,” says Glynn.

Could this be another of those green shoots of recovery we keep hearing about? Aren’t beach huts a bellwether for the market as a whole?

“Not really,” says Glynn. “These are not really comparable to residential purchases. They’re a cash buy and are not dependent on mortgage finance.  They don’t really stack up as an investment – they’re more of a luxury purchase.”

Maybe so, but with Boscombe undergoing major regeneration, the current buyers might have a very lucrative last laugh. Consider the downturn officially over when you start reading about Boscombe beach pods being resold for more than £100k.

Fancy one? Contact Glynn Evans, Savills, Bournemouth. Tel: 01202 255552






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Do you live in a ‘Hot-Spot’, ‘Slow-Spot’ or ‘Not-Spot’?

Can you believe that even in this day and age, research from SamKnows has found that over 3 million homes (that’s 15% of homes) across the UK have a broadband speed of less than two megabits per second (Mbps).

Worryingly, that could mean that 3 million people are struggling to download all the lovely Zoopla.co.uk property details and images (!) as well as having issues shopping online, tweeting on twitter or simply sending emails.

Fear not, help is at hand…we only have to wait till 2012!

In the government’s interim Digital Britain report they have promised to provide all homes in the UK with a broadband speed of at least 2 Mbps by 2012.

What is interesting and somewhat surprising, is that this issue is not just restricted to rural communities but affects the commuter band also.

So, with many people trading local area info using Zoopla’s AskMe! community tool and over 80% of people starting their property search online, we thought we’d look at how many ‘slow-spots’ the UK’s top ten cities have (excluding London).

Using the website broadband-notspot.org.uk we’ve ranked the top 10 UK cities (by population) and surrounding areas (20 mile radius) according to the number of ‘slow-spots’ we found.

As you would expect, the cities don’t have ‘not-spots’ but surprisingly, they do have ‘slow-spots’. This is how the cities rank:

Slow-spots Cities
1 Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford
2 Liverpool
3 Edinburgh, Cardiff
4 Manchester, Glasgow
5 Leeds, Sheffield

If you think you live in a broadband ‘not-spot’ or ’slow-spot’, here are a few handy tips from our friends at Ofcom.

  1. Some broadband services can be affected by electrical interference. Try calling your internet service provider (ISP) who can recommend ways that this can be reduced (e.g. fitting additional filters to your telephone sockets).
  2. You may find that at peak times, like the roads, your broadband speed is a lot slower, so varying the times you use your connection may help.
  3. Moving to a faster broadband package won’t necessarily speed up your connection because of where you live. So be sure to speak to your ISP about the maximum speed you can achieve with your current telephone / data line.
  4. Switching your ISP may improve speeds. Comparison websites and ‘best buy’ guides can provide you with an indication of ISPs with good speed performance and also let you know whether other customers are happy with that ISP.

You may also find some of these links useful:

Check out your speed : broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk
Broadband availability: broadbandperformance.co.uk
Monitor your usage: thinkbroadband.com
Coverage map: broadband-notspot.org.uk

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New! People Who Looked At This Property Also Looked At These

We’ve just launched a rather cool new feature on FindaProperty.com.

On every ‘property details’ page we have a slideshow of the properties most viewed in the last seven days by visitors who have looked at the property you are on.

Click this screen print of a property ad and scroll to the bottom of the page for an example – nice, no?


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The Honeymoon Househunters: Sam & Ruth’s Search For A Home

So it’s a normal next step; get married then settle into a new home. Once the stress of organising the big day’s done, it’s the natural expectation that all’s left is post-marital, worry-free bliss in a wonderful new home.

Not a chance! Stress-free house hunting that is (I’m happily married!).


My wife and I have only recently started combing Wimbledon for our first purchase together so it’s no surprise that we share many of the concerns today’s buyers in our position have.

We have between 10-15 per cent  as a deposit for the type of property we’re looking for, in the area we’re looking for. It’s quite realistic.

Although to state the obvious – there’s a sizeable discrepancy between the two figures in terms of property, mortgage options and general piece of mind.

A ten per cent  deposit means we get a slightly bigger home, in a slightly nicer area, with slightly posher neighbours. For the most part, great!

Aside from the rate, I’m feeling a little underwhelmed about the prospect of a variable rate mortgage.

Surely the only direction rates will head is up, and if they do in the short-term, we’ll have to remortgage if our monthly repayments become ridiculously high. We are 18 months too late to profit from a variable rate mortgage – aren’t we?

With only ten per cent equity, if prices fall and rates increase, we will have to find some further equity to remortgage. So I’m leaning towards the security of a 15 per cent deposit.

But I’d prefer to live in the ten percenters – they’re much nicer! I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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