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Tweet, Digg or Facebook your favourite Zoopla properties

We’ve made it even easier for people to share any property listing on

Whether you’re just window shopping or want to send a property to friends or family for their input, you can now share property for sale or property to rent via 295 social networking sites including: twitter, Facebook, Digg and hundreds more social networks.

At the top of every property listings page (see below) on Zoopla, just above the photos you’ll now find the email, twitter and Facebook icons and a ‘+’ sign – allowing you to share a particular property through hundreds of other social media sites. Just click your preferred social network icon, connect and start sharing your favourite properties.

Here’s what it looks like on twitter:

…and here’s what it looks like on Facebook:

Happy sharing…why not share this article with the buttons below?

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All 27m UK homes listed on the new property app

Ever walked past the home of your dreams and wondered if it’s for sale or what it last sold for, or even what it might be valued at right now?

Perhaps you’re just naturally curious or a bit of a nosey neighbour?

Well, the new Zoopla property app caters for everyone – property addicts, home-hunters, owners and estate agents.

It’s the ultimate, highly addictive, free resource for the residential property market giving you access to much more than just property for sale or to rent listings. Our app has over 15m sold prices (who paid what for what), allows you to generate current value estimates on any UK home (27m of them!) as well as access to essential local market information (what’s happening in my area), all available on the move!

List view Map view Augmented reality

There are a few property related apps out there, but we have some genuine points of difference; the main one being that we do more than just for sale or to rent listings. Here are some more:

1. Map-led search as well as list view and Augmented Reality*

2. Free, instant value estimates for all 27 million UK homes – yes, your home will be on our app

3. Over 15 million house prices paid dating back to 1995 – who paid what for what?

4. Local market data including average home values by area – essential research

Download the app FREE from the iTunes store today

More information can be found here and images here

As always, we’d love to hear your views and feedback, so leave us a line in the comment box below, or better still, write a review on the Apple site!

*Augmented Reality available with iPhone 3GS and 4 only

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Zoopla! nominated in The Europas

We’re delighted to have been nominated in The Europas – The TechCrunch Europe Awards for Best Web Application or Service (EMEA).

The TechCrunch Europe Awards 2009 – will honour the best tech companies and startups across the web and mobile scene from across the continent of Europe.

Public voting is now open and ends Wednesday 1st  July at 11.59pm.

June 30, 2009 at 9:18 AM 1 comment

Do you live in a ‘Hot-Spot’, ‘Slow-Spot’ or ‘Not-Spot’?

Can you believe that even in this day and age, research from SamKnows has found that over 3 million homes (that’s 15% of homes) across the UK have a broadband speed of less than two megabits per second (Mbps).

Worryingly, that could mean that 3 million people are struggling to download all the lovely property details and images (!) as well as having issues shopping online, tweeting on twitter or simply sending emails.

Fear not, help is at hand…we only have to wait till 2012!

In the government’s interim Digital Britain report they have promised to provide all homes in the UK with a broadband speed of at least 2 Mbps by 2012.

What is interesting and somewhat surprising, is that this issue is not just restricted to rural communities but affects the commuter band also.

So, with many people trading local area info using Zoopla’s AskMe! community tool and over 80% of people starting their property search online, we thought we’d look at how many ‘slow-spots’ the UK’s top ten cities have (excluding London).

Using the website we’ve ranked the top 10 UK cities (by population) and surrounding areas (20 mile radius) according to the number of ‘slow-spots’ we found.

As you would expect, the cities don’t have ‘not-spots’ but surprisingly, they do have ‘slow-spots’. This is how the cities rank:

Slow-spots Cities
1 Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford
2 Liverpool
3 Edinburgh, Cardiff
4 Manchester, Glasgow
5 Leeds, Sheffield

If you think you live in a broadband ‘not-spot’ or ’slow-spot’, here are a few handy tips from our friends at Ofcom.

  1. Some broadband services can be affected by electrical interference. Try calling your internet service provider (ISP) who can recommend ways that this can be reduced (e.g. fitting additional filters to your telephone sockets).
  2. You may find that at peak times, like the roads, your broadband speed is a lot slower, so varying the times you use your connection may help.
  3. Moving to a faster broadband package won’t necessarily speed up your connection because of where you live. So be sure to speak to your ISP about the maximum speed you can achieve with your current telephone / data line.
  4. Switching your ISP may improve speeds. Comparison websites and ‘best buy’ guides can provide you with an indication of ISPs with good speed performance and also let you know whether other customers are happy with that ISP.

You may also find some of these links useful:

Check out your speed :
Broadband availability:
Monitor your usage:
Coverage map:

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Twitter and Property

This week has seen an increase in agents making enquiries about Zoopla! and signing up with us through Twitter.

So, what is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging site, described by Twitter themselves as:

“… a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”

We’ve been on Twitter for a few months now and have built a healthy following of 1,653 people, whilst we’re following 1,556 people. According to, a Twitter Directory, there are 57,928 worldwide Twitter accounts linked to “property”. So clearly Twitter is a growing social media tool for people interested in all aspects of home-moving, owning and renting.

We’d love to hear more from our users or agents via Twitter. You can follow us at @zoopla and we’ll always tweet back with you.

If you’re new to Twitter here is a quick guide. We’re always happy to help out and answer questions on Twitter about, property or Twitter itself.

1. Sign up for an account at

2. Find some people to follow using the ‘find people’ feature or ‘search’ feature – try @zoopla or property experts @sarahbeeny of Property Ladder fame or Kirstie Allsopp @kirstiemallsopp from Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location or even the Channel 4 Homes Team themselves @4homes.

3. Start posting your 140 character tweets – we recommend keeping them light and chatty

4. To reply to someone, you put an @ at the front of the name like @zoopla

5. If someone you follow posts an interesting ‘tweet’ then you can ‘retweet’ it by typing RT at the beginning

Don’t expect people to follow you back right away, it may take some time.

Happy tweeting and we look forward to hearing from you on Twitter.

May 21, 2009 at 3:36 PM 2 comments

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