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Floor plans are the key to buying a home

If you are looking at a property listing, there are several items that you will undoubtedly cast your eye over first.

10.01.14 Floor plan 5

For sale: Three bedroom house in Salisbury for £330,000

There’s the decorative order – does the living room suit your taste and standards? – and of course, the price – is the property within your budget? You’ll probably also look at the number of bedrooms, and may even need to consider what the local schools are like.

But there’s perhaps one item that you’ll overlook. Or at least, it may not be at the top of your list of priorities. And yet it can be a deal breaker if you get it wrong, estate agents warn.

It is none other than floor plans – those architect-type drawings that many buyers avoid clicking onto in favour of photos of more colourful cushions and bed spreads.

James Kendling, of estate agents Hamptons International in Buckingham, said: “Floor plans are especially useful in determining the versatility of accommodation. Often buyers are looking for the potential to extend a property or alter the layout to suit their own personal needs, it is in these early stages that a floor plan can determine whether the property is proceedable.”

“Typically buyers will view multiple properties at any given time and then take home the floor plans to compare and scrutinise each property to determine which layout is best suited to their needs.”

The warning comes amid a report from insurer LV= that the average British home has shrunk by two square meters in just a decade, down from 98.8 in 2003 to 96.8 today.

The report highlights the overcrowding present in family homes today, claiming 150,000 children have seen their bedrooms partitioned in two in an attempt to create extra bedrooms.

If you’re buying a property and want to make sure that it is big enough to meet your needs, you will need to first understand the dimensions of it – and for this you will need to study the area of the floor plan, measured in square feet or square metres.

So if a room is four meters by four meters, it means it is 16 square meters, which is another figure you may on the floor plan.

A similar calculation can be done for measurements taken in square feet, with a square foot being the equivalent to 12 inches wide by 12 inches long.

View the property floor plans listed on Zoopla:

1. For sale: Three bedroom detached house in Fareham for £309,950

 10.01.14 Floor plan 2

2. For sale: Five bedroom semi-detached house in Tonbridge for £350,000

10.01.14 Floor plan 3

3. For sale: Five bedroom property in Newlands for £615,000

10.01.14 Floor plan 4

January 14, 2014 at 8:00 AM 2 comments

Exclusive: Pictures of Duffy’s flat before the fire

One of London’s most expensive penthouse apartments went up in smoke last night after a serious fire gutted the property, which earlier this year was up for sale at £8.75 million.

The apartment, which features a swimming pool, huge fish tank, private parking, four bedrooms, a cinema and two roof terraces, had been rented out to the ‘Rain on my parade’ singer Duffy while she records her new album in London. The Welsh warbler had, last night, been about to vacate the penthouse on the 10th floor of Abbot House off Kensington High Street when the blaze broke out.

Up in smoke: the gorgeous and celebrated interior of Duffy’s penthouse apartment before the blaze.

Duffy, along with around 20 other residents, had to evacuate the building late in the night as some sixty fire fighters tackled the blaze, which ripped through most of the penthouse before being doused in the early hours of the morning.

Two songs of Duffy’s point prophetically to the fire (well sort of) including ‘Smoke without fire’ and ‘Big flame’ but what many will lament are the penthouse’s now lost interiors, created by artist and architect Francis Machin who modelled many of London’s landmarks including Ransomes Dock on Battersea Embankment. His father, a designer, created the current Queen’s heads featured on UK postage stamps.

Lucky escape: singer Duffy had to flee her rented luxury apartment in Kensington, London as a fire ripped through the property.

While the blaze is a blow for design, luckily the apartment’s interiors were preserved within the property history section of Zoopla and after a bit of digging we found these. We can only hope they can be stored to such a wonderfully former glory (pictured above and below).

October 4, 2012 at 3:52 PM 2 comments

Gaddafi’s London Mansion For Sale (Saif al-Islam Gaddafi)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Earlier this year we launched an exciting new tool on  – the Zoopla Property Archive – the UK’s first online property archive. We launched with over 2 million historic property listings details and have been adding to this ever since.

This is a totally unique feature to Zoopla that will become another essential research tool for house hunters to help them make smarter property decisions.

What this means is that our users can search homes that at one time were for sale or to rent in the last 10 years and pull up the old listing.

Searching through the archive, we’ve unearthed this property in Winnington Close, London, N2 which is reported to be owned by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s, Colonel Gaddafi’s son and heir-apparent and former London School of Economics student.

We currently value the property at £9,530,444.

What does the archive tell us about the property?

  • Previously listed for sale on 1st Jul 2009 for £12,500,000
  • It was then listed for rent on 14th May 2010 £9,500 pw
  • It is a 7 bedroom property over 7,500 sq ft
  • Features “stunning” entertaining space including a home cinema room, a swimming pool and a sauna

Here is the historic property for sale listing and rental listing.

More about the Zoopla Property Archive

We believe that one of the key benefits of the web is its ability to make useful information free and easily accessible to everyone. Whilst historic house prices paid have been available online for some time (you can find every record since 1995 on, the ability to match these to photos and descriptions of the property at that time it was for sale or to rent hasn’t been possible…until now.

The unique property archive covers properties that have been on the market for either sale or rent at some point in the 10 years.

What will an archived record show?

  • the historic for sale or to rent asking price of a property
  • the date it was last listed on the market
  • images of the property at the time it was last listed for sale or to rent
  • a description of the property at that point in time
  • access to the sold prices of the property, if sold

Where can I find an archived listing?

Historic listings can be found in the ‘Current Values’ section of the website and are clearly marked with an ‘H’ to indicate a historic listing record is available.

As always, please feel free to share and use this information, all we ask is that you credit the source as and link to Thank you.

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August 23, 2011 at 1:22 PM 3 comments

Zoopla launch heatmaps of UK property values

Heatmap of UK property values

We’ve just launched a very exciting new and unique way to look at UK property values on

Welcome to our property heatmaps which show the average current property value of homes across the UK in a clear and easy to visualise format. The new heatmaps can be found on all maps across the Zoopla website and can be viewed at varying zoom levels down to individual postcodes.

In addition to the new heatmaps on the property market overview pages, we have also added a variety of other valuable local property information that provides an essential research tool for potential house hunters. This data is located on the ‘market overview’ pages of These newly launched stats include (for any geographic area):

  • the number of properties on the market
  • average asking prices – property for sale and to rent
  • the average size of properties in the area
  • the average price per square foot

We feel that the addition of heatmaps to our site allows our users to easily visualise the relative property values in any area of the country. Together with the unique market data we are now making available, this is all part of our mission to empower our users with the information they need to make the right property decisions and to become the most useful property resource in the UK.

So, if you like them why not click the buttons at the bottom of the post or leave a comment and let us know what you think.

How the heatmaps work

To generate our heatmaps, we use our current value estimates to generate a color gradient overlay. In this color overlay, different colors correspond to the different average property values in each geographic area. Higher value areas tend towards red, and lower value areas tend towards blue. The value scale is dynamic and relative: Red in one locality may not have the same value as red in another locality, but on any given map, red is always higher value than blue. By making the scale dynamic, we make it easier to see the variation that exists within any locality. If we didn’t do this, West London would be red, and the rest of the country subtle shades of blue – clearly not very useful! To determine which colours correspond to which values, you can consult the value pin markers displayed on the map. The value pins show the average value for that specific location, and contain links to the market overview pages for those specific localities.

Heatmap of London property values

London Heatmap (click image to zoom)

Heatmap of Glasgow property values

Glasgow Heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Manchester property values

Manchester Heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Birmingham property values

Birmingham heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Bristol property values

Bristol Heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Nottingham property values

Nottingham Heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Liverpool property values

Liverpool Heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Leeds property values

Leeds Heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Sheffield property values

Sheffield Heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Edinburgh property values

Edinburgh Heatmap (click to zoom)

Heatmap of Cardiff property values

Cardiff Heatmap (click to zoom)

As always, please feel free to share and use this information, all we ask is that you credit the source as and link to Thank you.

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July 29, 2011 at 9:18 AM 5 comments

Tweet, Digg or Facebook your favourite Zoopla properties

We’ve made it even easier for people to share any property listing on

Whether you’re just window shopping or want to send a property to friends or family for their input, you can now share property for sale or property to rent via 295 social networking sites including: twitter, Facebook, Digg and hundreds more social networks.

At the top of every property listings page (see below) on Zoopla, just above the photos you’ll now find the email, twitter and Facebook icons and a ‘+’ sign – allowing you to share a particular property through hundreds of other social media sites. Just click your preferred social network icon, connect and start sharing your favourite properties.

Here’s what it looks like on twitter:

…and here’s what it looks like on Facebook:

Happy sharing…why not share this article with the buttons below?

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