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Entire property portfolio for sale totalling 20 properties

Almost 100 rooms in a dozen streets outside of Manchester have been put up sale at the same time.

10.03.14 BTL 3

An investor is selling the entire property portfolio ahead of his retirement from the bricks and mortar industry.

A total of 20 properties are available as part of the portolio, which is being offered for sale for £3,800,000.

10.03.14 BTL 1The estate agent handling the sale, Flax & Co, explains there is a total of 80 letting rooms.

However, this can be extended to 87 if smaller rooms are made use of and rented out to tenants.

The 12 roads where the properties are located are in the Fallowfield and Withington areas.

They include Albion Road, Carill Drive, Cawdor Road, Delacourt Road, Filey Road, Furness Road, Heyscroft Road, Landcross Road, Mabfield Road, Moseley Road, School Grove and Whitby Road.

Similar properties for sale: 

1. Twenty bedrooms in Winterbourne for £1m

10.03.14 BTL 4

2. Twenty bedroom terrace in South Kensington for £7,950,000

10.03.14 BTL 5

3. Twenty-seven bedrooms in Tiverton for £1.2m

10.03.14 BTL 6

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The Shepherds flock to Sheep Street

‘While the Shepherds watched their flocks by night, the angel of the Lord came down.’ So the Christmas carol goes. But the Shepherds have also been busy elsewhere.

03.12.13 Sheep Street 2

Photo by psd

Indeed, the Shepherds have been flocking to Sheep Street in Winslow in a perfect example of nominative determinism during the run up to the festive period.

Estate agents Hamptons International exclusively told Zoopla it has sold a three bedroom cottage in Sheep Street to a Mrs Paula Shepherd.

But the story does not stop there as the sale of the property was instructed by a gentleman by the same festive surname – who is unrelated to the new occupant.

James Kendling, of Hamptons International, told Zoopla: “We couldn’t believe what fate had in store when we took a Mrs Shepherd on a viewing of Sheep Street.

“It is total co-incidence that instructions to sell the property had been received from a Mr Shepherd.

“We’re thrilled that the Shepherds continue to flock to Sheep Street. The property has exchanged just in time for Christmas and we hope the new owners will be extremely happy in their new home.”

Mrs Shepherd is the new owner of the Sheep Street cottage

The Buckingham branch of Hamptons International handled the sale of the Grade II Listed cottage.

The property has a nineteenth façade, but is believed to have origins from the seventeenth century.

The historic market town of Winslow is located between Buckingham and Aylesbury, and offers a good range of amenities – including shopping, a health centre, a church, a garage and a selection of pubs and restaurants.

The average price of a property in Winslow is £541,568, up £29,802 during the past year.

Other properties for sale in Winslow:

1. Two bedroom cottage for £189,950

03.12.13 Sheep Street 3

2.  Five bedroom detached house for £695,000

03.12.13 Sheep Street 4

3. Five bedroom detached house for £650,000

03.12.13 Sheep Street 5

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Hairy houses celebrate the success of Movember

With just a few days of Movember left to go, men across Britain are proudly displaying their beard growing efforts.

21.11.13 Movember 4

They’ve spent almost a month growing some facial furniture to raise money for charity and raise awareness about men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

Last year, the event was held in 21 countries around the world and raised more than £92m.

To help celebrate their massive achievement, Zoopla has identified some properties with cleverly designed moustaches of their own.

From the full beard to the more distinguished chevron, the hairy theme adopted by houses can look equally as distinguished.

Here’s our guide to 10 of the best moustaches on houses:

1. The imperial:

21.11.13 Imperial

21.11.13 Movember 2

2. The horseshoe:

21.11.13 Horseshoe

20.11.13 Movember 3

3. The English:

21.11.13 The English

20.11.13 Movember 4

4. The ginger:

20.11.13 Movember 5

5. The toothbrush:

21.11.13 Toothbrush

21.11.13 Movember 1

6. The clean shaven:

21.11.13 Movember 3

7. The fu manchu:

21.11.13 Fu manchu

20.11.13 Movember 2

8. The full beard:

20.11.13 Movember 1

9. The chevron:

21.11.13 Chevron

20.11.13 Movember 7

10. And finally, there’s always one that struggles to grow a beard at all…

20.11.13 Movember 6

Zoopla’s team of participants have raised £473 so far and can be sponsored by clicking here:

21.11.13 Movember 5

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Halloween fun with some spooky properties for sale, (nothing too grave…)

From street names including the words ‘Devil’ to homes with graveyards included, there are plenty of properties for sale with Halloween connotations.

Dead Lane

Interested in house prices on Dead Lane? Smarter Halloween search

Most people’s idea of a Halloween trick would probably be along the lines of some slime or an egg thrown at a front door.

So spare a thought for Gateshead resident Carol, who is perhaps on the receiving end of some of the most extreme ghoulhish behaviour this Halloween.

Poor Carol has done her best to be a good neighbour, but the latest headstone erected in the driveway next door is one too many…especially as the only letters that appear on it are her first initial and then a question mark.

Grandmother Carol says: “I’ve been having nightmares over it. I have grandchildren that come to the house and it is just not nice for them to see. They think the place is haunted.”

The homeowner has allegedly defended the headstones as modern art, but was unavailable.

Local estate agents say the move is ‘out of the ordinary’ as properties in the Tyne View Place location in Gateshead are generally sought-after. A quick search on the Zoopla website reveals the property with the headstones has a current value of £80,742.

Alex James, of estate agents Alexander James, said: “It is quite a nice area and very central, being just a short walk into town. So it is a bit out of the ordinary.”

And after reflecting for a moment, he adds: “It is very spooky and I’ve never come across anything like that before in my entire property career.”

It comes as research by Zoopla reveals more than two fifths of potential buyers would decide not to view a property after being told it was haunted.

However, not all Halloween connotations with the housing market are so spooky.

Zoopla can reveal streets with Devil in the name are among the most valuable in the country with an average property value of £534,885.

On the other hand, streets with Witch in the name have average property values of only £160,856.

Properties with graveyards for sale:

Location: Leicestershire

Property: Four bedroom Church conversion

Price: £300,000

30.10.13 Graveyards 1


Location: Reading

Property: Five bedroom converted chapel

Price: £500,000

30.10.13 Graveyards 2


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Mirrors, Mirrors on more than walls & Brits breaking them in the millions!

Mirrors can add a decorative touch to a home, but they can also bring bad luck if they fail to remain in one piece.

For sale: Six bedroom detached house for sale in Sunnydale, Orpington, for £3,750,000

If the saying is to believed, you’ll have seven years’ bad luck if you break a mirror.

It is unwelcome news for the one in four Britons who have broken an average of two mirrors in the last seven years.

It equates to a total of 12 million people, according to figures from Privilege Home Insurance.

It is perhaps unsurprising that so many are broken given the majority of homes have a mirror – many for decorative purposes, being in all shapes and sizes.

The belief that you’ll have seven years’ bad luck if you break a mirror is understood to come from the Romans, the first to create glass mirrors.

The thinking was that if the mirror was broken, then the person’s soul would be trapped inside.

Sarah Clements, manager of interior solutions at estate agent Hamptons International, said:

“We might be a superstitious nation, but mirrors can add a touch of class if they are used properly in a home.

“The correct use of mirrors can make a huge impact in a home and can be an easy and instant way to make a room feel more light and spacious.

“Decorative mirrors can demote a keen sense of style and when selling a property can be used very effectively in place of art. Art is considered very subjective and can alienate buyers, whereas a statement or decorative mirror can be far less offensive.

24.10.13 Mirrors 2

For sale: Six bedroom detached house for sale in Victoria Park Road, London, for £4,000,000

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