See inside these celebrities’ … sheds

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Sarah Beeny’s is blue and is the perfect place to have a pint, Vic Reeves’ is green and has the interior of a museum, while Joanne Harris’ is inspired by the sky.

And if we believe the folks at Cuprinol then these celebrities are not the only ones who find the humble garden shed an inspiration.

Sarah Beeny finds inspiration at The Kings Head pub shed

Thirty per cent of Brits who own a shed named it as their top inspirational place, according to new research by the garden paint company.

We like spending time in them too: the average Brit who owns a shed spends five months of their life in it, with a further 40 per cent of shed owners admitting to using it as an extension of the home for everything from getting away from the family to perfecting a hobby.

Not old dark and dusty. Vic Reeves hopes his museum-themed shed inspires

But how do celebrities use their sheds?

Comedian Vic Reeves is a self-confessed shed enthusiast and hopes the shed he’s created will inspire others too.

“I have long been a lover of the trusty garden shed and have five in my garden which I often take some time out to escape to for an hour or two,” Reeves says.

Perched on the top of the world: Joanne Harris's sky inspired shed

“When I was asked to design my very own inspirational shed, I jumped at the chance. My design is taken from my favourite museum and I just hope it can help others to be inspired too.”

Property expert Sarah Beeny decided to make her shed look like her (very) local pub.

“I love sheds,” Beeny says.  “The King’s Head was inspired from my own living room. I have a pub in my home and thought it would be fun to create a pub in your back garden.”

Meanwhile, the author of Chocolat Joanne Harris looked upwards for inspiration.

“Sheds are great because they provide a personal space  in which to relax and concentrate. The whole of my last book was written in my trusty garden shed, and I love the feeling of going there in the mornings to work.

“I wanted my shed to be a calm and inspirational space, like a mountaintop or a part of the sky.”

The sheds will be on display at a number of beauty spots throughout the UK, including Rufford Park, Nottingham (Sarah Beeny); Lleyn Peninsula, Wales (Joanne Harris) and in Northumberland (Vic Reeves).


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